Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apples, Pumpkins and Monkeys?

It's fall in New England and, to me, that means picking apples from the orchard and torturing my child by sticking him in a costume and taking pictures in the pumpkin patch! My friend Joelle and I planned a dual family outing to Jaswell's farm in Smithfield. It was basically an excuse for a photo opp as well as a chance to get some fresh apples for goodies like pie and homemade apple sauce. I, for one, am looking very forward to the pie part!

We let the boys play for a while in the pumpkin patch before we stuck them in their costumes. Tyler isn't walking just yet, but they were having a good time checking each other and the pumpkins out. Nathan ran around like a mad man (as usual), but we managed to get some photos of the boys together before Nathan took off to explore!

I bought Nathan a Monkey costume this year and Aaron's aunt bought the same costume for her daughter last year, but she never got to wear it. I saw this as a super cute opportunity to get the boys in (almost) matching monkey suits!! I did mention torture, right? Well, it was a beautiful 70 degrees out today and, of course the costumes are meant for the arctic, so we tried to get the shots we wanted as quickly as possible.

Like I said, we tried to make the costume part relatively quick due to the heat. We stripped them back down to their outfits and moved along to the orchard to pick some apples.

I got some cute shots of the boys and a huge bag of apples! Nathan grabbed a rotten apple and went straight for the mouth with it. I was so grossed out, but he didn't seem to care in the least. I just cleaned him up and tried to forget about it. I gave him a good apple to deter him from grabbing another nasty one. Being the good sharing soul that he is Nathan wanted to feed Tyler again, but they weren't very successful at getting much of a bite.

The boys started to get a little cranky, one was tired and the other hungry, so we called it a day. We had a great time on our outing, and I only feel mildly guilty for sticking them in those outfits and messing with their schedules to get in a little family and photo time! I love hanging out with Joelle. I am very thankful for the bond we have through our boys and just being kindred spirits. We are happy that we can foster a friendship so early in the life of our boys and we'll make sure to show them all of the embarrassing pictures when they are about 15! Stay tuned for a report on the pie!


  1. Love the two close-ups of Nathan... in the monkey suit and eating the apple. And I LOVE the things mommies do to torture their children. Get this? Aidan's Halloween outfit is boiling hot too, AND it already doesn't fit him! It's one of those sleeping bag types and he's already too long. But what will I do? Stuff him in it so he has to keep his legs scrunched! Pretty much it's just for pictures anyway... then we'll take it off. Glad Natey has a friend!!

    Oh, I rescheduled the portraits for 12noon. Is that ok? I thought 11 might be tricky with Aidan's current nap schedule. Are we doing holiday outfits or regular? I'll probably do white/blue/khaki colors and jeans, unless you have better ideas. I'm open to anything!

  2. Great to see the pics of Joelle and Tyler. Tell her I said hi. Let's try to get together sometime. Seems like all the babies we know are girls so Luca could use some more "men" in her life!


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