Sunday, October 26, 2008

Down and out no more

I haven't blogged since Thursday and I feel like it has been so long. Truthfully, I haven't really felt like it. I have been a little down in the dumps the past few days and I am trying to get out of my funk. I'm not really sure why I have been feeling this way. I guess it has to do in part with the fact that I turn 30 tomorrow. It is supposed to be a milestone birthday but I haven't felt very festive. I guess I miss my friends and family that live so far away and I miss my mom the most. I hope I feel a little better tomorrow, but if not I am just going to suck it up. In the mean time I will use this post to talk about the things that have been making me smile the past few days.

#2 on my my 100 things that make me happy list has got to be fall. I mean just look at the amazing colors and the wonder of a small boy playing in the leaves. If that doesn't make you smile I don't know what will.
How 'bout monkeys, do those make you smile? My little monkey sure does. We had a Halloween party at work on Friday and I brought my little man to see his biggest fan, Joycie. It was fun, but man is this kid the energizer bunny. All of the other little ones were timid and staying with their parents. Not my boy, he was running down the corridor yelling "GO!!!" at the top of his lungs. We stayed about an hour and that was all I could handle of chasing him around so we said our goodbyes and hit the road.

Nathan + paint = giant mess. I bought a huge set of finger paints for the boy when they were on sale and have brought them out a couple of times to see if he was ready for them yet. He's not ready yet. He smeared the paints around the paper and then decided that they looked super yummy, so he began eating them. I though we'd at least get a cute masterpiece out of the whole adventure that I could stick up on the fridge, but alas, when I took the paint away, he ripped the paper in about 4 pieces.

So much for art, let's move on to carving his "puckins". He loved his pumpkin. I cut the top off and let him stick his hand inside. Oh, he got a kick out of that. I gave him a spoon to "help" scoop out the insides, but he would rather bam things than scoop any day. I did manage to salvage what he didn't throw on the floor for roasted pumpkin seeds, and they were good!

The pumpkin carving and painting were back to back projects so needless to say he really needed a bath. After the bath, daddy gave him this stylish doo...

I knew that would make me feel better. You can only feel so down when you have so much to smile about.


  1. Hooray for finger paints and bath time hair-dos!! Nothing can perk a mommy up like her cute little boy. Happy 30th tomorrow!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you...

    Oh, turning 30 was hard for me! I insisted that no one mention it was my birthday, and threatened anyone that bought presents or hinted at a cake and candles. It gets much easier from there, I promise. Happy Birthday a day early!

    And I totally know how hard it is to be away from family and friends, especially when you are feeling in a funk (and ditto the not wanting to blog when you are feeling that way).

    Same went for finger paints when we tried it with our daughter at about 14 months. It took forever to clean her and the floor up!I haven't pulled them out since, except for the occassional handprint for thank-you cards.

    The fall pictures are great!

  3. Happy Birthday Kam! I didn't realize you weren't 30 yet. That's because I'm already 31 and have yet to admit that most of my friends are YOUNGER than me! I guess you ARE Chad's age, I have to keep in mind. : )

    Sorry you're not feeling the greatest, though. But Aunt Kat and I will make it up to you in November! Lots of hugs and visiting and hanging out with family. Dang, I can't wait to meet your energizer monkey!!! He's such a riot. Yeah, we're gonna get some weird pictures... Aidan is the poster boy for calm and quiet right now.

    heehee Aren't kids NOT supposed to eat paint? Just checking.

    So, on a MckMama note, I'm still laughing about that woman knocking on her window at Taco Bell. Just proves she really IS a celebrity! I really wonder sometimes what it is about her that makes us all so addicted?! Because honestly, I'm so different from her. She's inspiring, yes, but I'm still not getting rid of my TV! : )

    Hope you have a great birthday, youngster!

  4. Happy Birthday!! I think you'll find 30 is the new 20, or something like that...

    I have been reviewing my gratitude lists daily lately to help keep me in the right frame of mind - it really does help!

    And on the finger paint subject, have you tried adding food coloring to vanilla pudding? I do this with my daughter, and add sprinkles and whipped cream and she goes to town - edible art! :) It's especially yummy to clean it all up with a banana!


  5. these are so cute. i remember finger painting pumpkins as a kid with butterscotch pudding. maybe your lil man would be down with something like that;)


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