Friday, October 31, 2008

Flash Back Friday....

....30 years and counting. In light of my 30th birthday on Monday, I decided that this week's flashback would be a snapshot in the phases of the last 30 years of my life! There are a couple time periods where I (purposely) have little to no photos of. I may add a couple more to this post later tonight, as I didn't have time to find a couple pictures that I wanted.

I am was such a ham! Here's 2 year old me posing for mommy. She would change my outfits (which of course she made most of my clothes) several times a day and do mini photo shoots with me. Ohhh, remember those plastic bow clips!

This picture is me when I was 3 years old playing in my daddy's boots. It cracks me up that I now have a similar picture of Natey trying to wear my Uggs. It was probably easier for me since Daddy's cowboy boots were a little more structured than my Uggs!

Oh, yes, one of my high school senior portraits.
Don't be jealous of the awesome background, you know you love it.

I turned 21 in Las Vegas with about 10 of the people I worked with there for the party. Don't try to adjust your monitor, my hair was super short and burgundy!

I'm 24 in this picture. I took this picture with my camera phone and was surprised how well it came out. I was at one of my favorite places, the Oregon Country Fair, and in my dad's 70's style Winney!

Obligatory wedding picture...We got married in 2006 (I was 27) at the Temple to Music in Roger Williams Park in RI. I will tell the whole wedding story someday, but it was raining or overcast all day, that is, until I arrived at the ceremony. the clouds parted and a beam of sunlight shone down right on me. I told everyone my mom would give me sun for my wedding...maybe now they will believe me!

We got married in June and in September I found out I was pregnant! Quick, surprising and totally amazing! This picture is one my FIL took of me in the same park we got married in when I was 9 months preggers with Natey (28).

This is also a camera phone shot, taken by my husband during the few moments of sleep I actually got the first week I brought my little man home.
And this is pretty much me now!! I liked the hair at first, but I am at the point that I get to EVERY time I cut my hair off, that I want my long hair back. So a growing I will go, err, or something like that!!
30 years young! That is me in a nut shell. My life has been in no way easy, but I have had some of the most wonderful friends and family members and some of the most unforgettable experiences. I wouldn't change a thing!


  1. Awesome post Kameron!! I loved learning more about you, especially with photos. I am a total photo fanatic so it's not the same for me without pictures ;) You look gorgeous in every shot and could easily pass for 22 any day :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great post!!! I love seeing stories unfold through pictures. These are all such great pictures too, and really tell the story of what was going on at a certain point in your life. Makes me want to dig some pictures out of storage!

    Happy Halloween.

  3. I love the short burgundy hair! I did the same thing right around 21 years old. I cut it really short and dyed it shocking red!
    The pic with Natey and you and snuggled up is perfect!

  4. All I have to say is SEXY MAMA. Geez, look at those legs in Vegas! Woohoo!!!! But that first picture... Natey is the spitting image of you! I totally see it now.

  5. By the way, I ALWAYS miss my long hair too. In fact, I'm super annoyed that I had mine layered and have to keep clipping back pieces when I put it in a pony.

  6. Hey there! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! I love these pics. You look especially smokin' in the 24 y pic and your wedding pic. Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!


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