Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Ending

I am officially out of my birthday funk.

Let me give a little background on the subject of why I may have been so boo-hoo. First of all, I live in Rhode Island. My best friends and family live in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Texas. In case you haven't noticed they're FAR away. I have a hard time with holidays and birthdays since I feel so disconnected at times.

The hubby and I had originally wanted to go to Las Vegas for my birthday, but finances and no one to watch the boy for 2-3 days nipped that plan in the bud. I planned a big surprise party for Aaron in May for his 30th and I wanted some hoopla for mine too. (I know selfish, right, but come on 30th birthday!!!) It's not like he could throw a big party for me out here, what with my 2 actual friends that aren't Aaron's friends and all. So, I guess I just wanted something special to make me feel a little better. I love my husband to death, but an event planner he's not.

I am a huge believer in greeting cards. Not that I want to support Halmark or anything, but cards have always been really big in my family. I come from a family of card underliners. You know what I'm talking about. The hubby doesn't understand cards. "What's the point, you just throw them away." I think they are even more important than getting a gift. Well , he botched my first mother's day card this year (and by botched I mean he didn't get me one) and managed to get an anniversary card (the day after), so I had very low expectations for my birthday. But the hubby came through on this one!(He's going to kill me for sharing this story by the way.)

He got home from work yesterday and I was bumming. He said he needed to take a shower before we went to dinner, but he came back into the family room 10 minutes later still un-showered. I wondered what he was up to, but then he emerged with my present and what else you ask? Yes! A CARD!!! Ok, I seem crazy at this point, but I was in 7th heaven. He was so funny and even made it a point to note in the card that he had got me one, in case I hadn't noticed. He also got me something unexpected as my gift. You know when you mention something you want and get a "Yeah right honey, you'll never use that" response? Well that's what he said a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I wanted to get a sewing machine and learn how to sew. Well, he bought me my very own sewing machine, and to top it off I have someone to give me lessons.

My friend Joyce took me to lunch and got me cake! I also was so happy to come out of work yesterday to the tune of 3 voice mails and 2 text messages filled with birthday wishes. I do have some great friends, not to mention all of the wonderful bloggy friends who stopped by my post and wished me well. Thanks guys!Tomorrow night I am going to dinner and a Coldplay concert with my friend Joelle. That will be the icing on my birthday cake and I can't wait!

I think I got so caught up in my pity party that I didn't appreciate what I have. I have a wonderful husband who tries really hard to please me, even though I may be a pain at times. I have great friends and family who call, text, send cards and gifts to make sure I feel loved from across the country. I have an amazing little boy who's love and smiles are the best gift anyone could ever ask for.
What was my problem again???


  1. Sounds like it was a great birthday - happy belated! I am like you, I want birthdays made a HUGE deal out of, including my own. Problem is, men don't get it. The truly don't. I had a great one this year too (recap on my blog from 10/11) so we finally both got a good one!

    And by the way, I am in RI and would love to hang out any time! :)

  2. Oh I am so happy for you!!! I know what it feels like to be disappointed (and yes it is a little selfish but sometimes we need that to feel appreciated)!

    I love Cold Play...that is a great gift!

  3. I know exactly how you feel about the card thing! I amsooo a card giver. I give cards for no reason and when there is a reason you get one from me and my kiddos. My husband however took a long time to learn this and even still. He buys a card now, but he doesn't neccessarily put the time into picking the right one. As in I get a card from the kids that says "to my loving wife" but hey, he's trying. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


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