Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Steps-101

I love making progress on my list. I know I have a long time to finish it, but I don't want to wait until the last minute and really enjoy accomplishing each of my goals. I tend to not comment on the goals that are a weekly or monthly commitment like our date nights, not watching TV once a week, and updating my blog (that's a no brainer). I do keep them updated in the sidebar in case you're wondering how I'm doing on those though!
#11: Identify 100 things that make me happy
I decided to keep a running list with links back to the original posts. I think it tells the whole story and isn't so fragmented. :o)
  1. Natey
  2. Fall

  3. Good times with great friends

#19: Attend 3 concerts
If you read my last post you heard all about the fabulous time Joelle and I had last night at Coldplay. She is pretty much going to be my concert buddy from now on. Have I mentioned how much fun we had? No, well, tons!

#25: Learn a new word every day
53. limn: to draw or paint; also, to describe.
quandary: a state of difficulty or perplexity.
genuflect: to bend the knee, as in worship; also, to grovel.
corroborate: to strengthen or make more certain with other evidence.
execrable: detestable; extremely bad.
bivouac: a usually temporary encampment; also, to encamp.
hubris: overbearing pride or presumption.

#49: Eat 5 things I swear I hate but haven't tried since I was a kid
I do not like eggs. I don't eat eggs in their solo form, except deviled. I do not eat things that are dipped in beaten eggs and then cooked so that the egg is basically a crust on the outside. Are you sensing a pattern here? I used to be a terrible brat about my food. I would even cry if I had to eat something that I thought was disgusting, sometimes even before I took a bite. I must have been like 5 when that happened right? Try 25. I know, completely embarrassing. Since meeting Aaron, I have increased my food choices about 500%, at least! I am even to the point where I will eat thing that I don't especially like and not say anything. Even with all of my progress, apparently in Aaron's mind, I am still the girl crying over disgusting fried rice in a Chinese restaurant.

We went to Aaron's step Grandmother's house for brunch with the in-laws. We find out brunch consists of French toast and Aaron immediately throws me under the bus and says, "Kameron doesn't eat that." Hi, um, I'm here and well aware of what is being served, and don't you think if I was going to say something about it, I would have already!?! So after a ton of fuss by everyone in the room but me, I make my point clear that I will, in fact, be trying the french toast.

I guess I was lucky it was covered in fresh blueberry compote that Aaron's dad had made, so I couldn't really taste the french toast. I was very proud of myself. I'm sure Aaron was waiting for me to break down at any moment. Oh ye of little faith!


  1. Kameron - I love this idea of this list. How do I get started on one?

  2. Isn't this list the best thing ever!! I have a couple that I am "due" on - definitely have a little progress to make. I am hoping once I am a little less sore I will get a little more done.

  3. Oh yeah, and I am already thinking of things to add to my next list (you know I will be doing this again!!)

  4. Well was the french toast really that bad? I love french toast! Isn't it funny how sometimes our tastes change from when we were little? I can namr three things I NEVER ate when I was young but do now; onions, sour cream, and sweet potatoes. And there are probably more. Have fun trying things again, you never know!


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