Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time in a Bottle

I found the tooth chart I printed out when Natey got his first 2 teeth (bottom 2 and yes at the same time). They first poked through the day after Christmas last year, which I thought was pretty cute and ironic. I walked around for a week singing the song in my head. I was so gung-ho about capturing all of his firsts and fun moments and I did great...for a while. Then I kind of fizzled. I realize that I have been really caught up in my own bloggy world lately. What can I say, it is a whole new world to me that is fun and fabulous being able to connect with other moms. But, I started this blog to update on Natey, to have a record without having to commit to so much scrapbooking...and of course have nicely captured moments to embarrass him with later. What kind of mom would I be if that wasn't a side goal??? In the spirit of capturing more about my little man and what he's doing at the phases in his life here's the latest and greatest at 16 months...
  • He's got 7 teeth and 4 more pushing their way out. He is so funny with teething. He had 7 teeth by 9 months and then didn't get any more until this last month when the final bottom front and 3 molars decided to come in all at once!

  • He says a little more than 50 words. Some of my favorites are: "morning", "deyougo" (there you go) when he hands you something, "meeeerrr, kitty" (come here) which he screams at Trina..no wonder she always runs away from him and "hossie" (horse) which he always follows up with a lough "neigh!!!!"

  • He knows that the step in between the kitchen and the breezeway is too big for him to step down so he has learned to "sit and scoot" whenever he needs to get from one room to another. The funny thing is, he sits down really far from the edge and has to scoot quite a ways to get down.

  • He knows so many people's names! A lot of Aaron's friend's come over and hang out and he knows "Geg" (Greg), "Corn" (Courtenay), his uncles Danny, "BBBBBBB" (Barak) and "eYo" (tio-uncle in Spanish, which is what he calls Ollie). Oh, and he is still calling Aaron "Dadoo" which is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I hope he keeps that for a while longer at least.

  • He is big on giving hugs and kisses. When you ask for a hug he leans in and puts his head on you. Apparently he thinks you just hug him, he has nothing to do with it! He will give nice little puckered kisses to his toys but if he gives you a kiss, you get the full open mouth...sorry, just a warning, unless you want slobber all over your mouth, turn the cheek! He has been known to grab your face and turn you the right way though, so good luck!

  • I am trying to teach him colors but, as of now, everything is "bu-lue" (blue).

  • Oh, and every letter is B.

  • He is in to everything. He loves opening drawers and trying on our shoes, sticking his hand in the toilet and eating cat food, turning off the computer (the blue button is like a tractor beam, I must admit) and turning on the washing machine (darn front loading washer!!).

  • He's starting to learn how to use a fork and smiles and yells "did it!" when he manages to get a bite onto the fork and into his mouth.

  • He's been walking running since ~10 months but he is really good at it now and falls down less and less.

  • He knows Kung-Fu and how to break dance, but they pretty much look the same. He gets down on the floor and does what looks like a sweeping kick; rolling over and over until he hits an obstacle like the couch. Then he turns the other way and is off again. He also swings his arms around and says "Ya!" (hiya, I assume). Thanks Dadoo and Jet Li for teaching him these things.

  • He's a total blankie boy (just like his mama) and loves to cuddle up with it. He is getting particular though because there are 2 that we have that he doesn't like. Darn, I was trying to rotate them out frequently so he wouldn't get so attached to one, but he is.

  • He puts ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in his mouth still. He eats sticks, rocks, paper, old cheerios that he finds under the radiator, basically anything he finds. He does have a tell though. He'll put something in his mouth and then look at you (since he knows he's not supposed to) with this sneaky look. At least he opens his mouth on command and we can remove anything that isn't supposed to be in there!

I am sure I have missed things, but it doesn't matter. These posts are mostly for me, so I can look back and remember all of the amazing firsts and bests that my boy was doing at the time. Even though I am pretty sure I will remember most of it as he grows up, I know I'll get a good laugh out of looking back and reading these. I love you my little boy and please don't grow up too fast.


  1. Great idea to get some of that adorable information in writing cuz fyi four years and two more kids later you don't remember!

  2. This is totally NOT about your blog, but could you tell me how you get your signature on your post everytime? I've made a signature, but do I really have to copy the HTML and paste it into each post? Is there a way it'll add it automatically?

    I'll write more later!

  3. Holy teeth, batman! He sure has a lot. He's very advanced all the way around. It's always amazing to me to see how infants and toddlers all progress at such different rates. And it's fun to blog about what they are doing at a certain stage. I sure have mommy brain and can't remember when she hit certain milestones, so I always look back in my online baby book (aka my blog) :)

    Have a great day!


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