Thursday, October 30, 2008

Viva la Vida!

All I can say is fantastic! Joelle and I had so much fun last night.I've been fighting off a cold so I was hoping I would be good to go for the concert, and I totally was (today is another story)! I haven't been to a concert since I was pregnant with Nathan (John Legend and I had never heard of him before I went) and before that, probably in Vegas, though it's been so long I can't remember what show it was. I love watching artists live. Let me rephrase that, I love watching amazing artists who are even better in concert, live! Coldplay did not disappoint.

Joelle and I left early so we didn't hit Boston traffic on our way to the Garden. We got there around 4pm and headed over to Boston Beer Works for some food, adult beverages and to shoot a little pool before the concert. It was so nice to spend some "let your hair down" time with Joelle. A lot of our outings involve our boys, so it was great to have some time just for us. We may have been having a little too much fun though, as it took us almost an hour to shoot 2 games of pool! We both swore up and down that we do not stink that bad usually. I'll admit, she beat me...both games. I'm blaming it on the beer and my fabulous new boots...the heels were throwing me off!
On to the concert! Duffy was the opening act. I had heard 2 of her songs before, and she was really good. I was surprised that such a big voice came from such a petite girl. The main event of course was Coldplay. I love them and was so excited that they were playing a second show in Boston since I missed the first one (It sold out in less than an hour). The concert was at the TD Banknorth Garden, home of the World champion Celtics! We had good seats, i only wish I had a better camera. In the pictures it looks like we are further away than we actually are. Without further ado, here are some of the shots from the night! Please disregard how ridiculous happy we look...again I blame the beer, my heels had nothing to do with that one!

The screens they had were amazing. They weren't just showing what was happening on stage. It almost looked like a video with all of the effects they had going. This shot is of lead singer Chris Martin. Again, sorry my camera stinks...

Early on in the concert.....

Um, yeah......

My absolute favorite part of the show was when the band left the stage and surprised the crowd by appearing in the stands right next to our section!!!! They played 2 songs acoustically, one of which is my favorite, The Scientist. They were so close and I was way too wobbly at that point to get many good shots (besides I wanted to enjoy the songs), but I got a couple and this one is my favorite.


All in all, the show was amazing and we had a blast! The last shot was the background of the stage during the encore. I thought, at that moment, of the juxtaposition of the crazy evening I was having and what was happening with Mck Mama and her family. I loved that the last thought that came to my mind at the concert's end was Viva.....Life.

When I got home I checked Mck Mama's blog and was so happy to see the prayers of so many were answered in the birth of her sweet, HEALTHY little man!


  1. Wow!!! That was an amazing night! Looks like an absolute blast!

    Thanks for catching my unintentional funny today...I really am not that absent minded..Nope Not me!!

  2. Looks like a good time!!

    Now that I know the PBS meeting is in East Providence I actually don't need a ride. I just talked to Dan, we are going to spend the day at the MIL's (in EP) then I will head over after that. I might even be able to drive at that point - if not I can get a ride from someone. I'm excited to do something for ME!!! Thanks for the offer!!

  3. Nothing better than going to a concert where the band does not disappoint live! (I HATE going to concerts where the band sounds absolutely awful compared to their album). I love Coldplay too!

  4. wow, you were CLOSE for that acoustic set. sweet!

  5. What, you didn't have a Palm Treo with you so you could check MckMama's blog every 5 minutes?? : ) You got me so hooked on that blog, it's crazy!

    Looks like you had a GREAT time! And you got some reasonably good pictures! My pictures of the So You Think You Can Dance concert sucked.


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