Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Festivites

A quick look back to last year....Natey was 4 months old. Obviously Halloween was more for us than for him, but we had tons of fun celebrating our first fall season with the boy. We got him neked and stuck him in a pumpkin and dressed him up like a tiger. It was so much easier to get a great shot of him when he wasn't so squirmy!
Now back to the present! Halloween was a full day of fun for Nathan. He goes to a home daycare and I love that she does fun activities with them, like making cookies. Nathan actually did a great job using the rolling pin. Of course, all of the boys got to eat a cookie and he didn't want to take his nap after that. Have I mentioned before how this kid DOES NOT need any sugar in his life??? He goes crazy!
I brought his costume to daycare with him. Rachel's twin boys are almost 3 and they love dressing up. I figured it would be fun if Nathan got to play along. The boys had the same monkey costumes last year, so Rachel dressed Nathan and her youngest, Lily, up and took some cute photos for me to see. They look like they were having so much fun.

We decided that we would take Nathan trick-or-treating with his cousin Lily. She is 2 1/2 and loves Nathan to death. She gets such a kick out of the fact that he can say her name. We only stayed out for about an hour and the kids had a great time. I must say, getting a good picture of my wiggly monkey is hard enough, but throw a flighty butterfly in the mix and you end up with lots of blurry shots. Luckily we got 1 good one out of the whole thing, though it did take a lot of effort!

After we were finished collecting candy, we went back to a family friend's house and chatted a bit before heading home. Nathan was fascinated with a skull that moved its eyes and jaw when you pushed a button. Apparently all of the other kids were afraid of it, but not him!

We had a really good time this year. Of course I shouldn't have even collected candy because now it is sitting in a smiling pumpkin bucket taunting me. I won't eat it...well, much of it! Happy Halloween every one!


  1. Oh I hear you about the candy! I even bought candy thinking we might get some trick-or-treaters, and we had none. So now I have lots of it here, calling my name. I'm for sure sending it in with my hubby to work on Monday morning :)

    Your little monkey was adorable!

  2. omg Kameron, he is SOOOOO cute!! I love the monkey outfit and the baby picture in the pumpkin was adorable! Glad you guys had fun!

  3. I was SO tempted to put poor little Aidan in a pumpkin this year. But Chad and I looked at each other and decided we were much too lazy for that. : ) I still laugh about those pics of Natey!

    And the two monkeys are adorable. Love that your day care lady does projects with them!! I'm hoping once Aidan's big enough, that our gal will.

    Can't wait to see you!! Have any outfits planned yet? I'm still clueless!

  4. HOW ADORABLE! Love the naked baby in the pumpkin picture! Looks like fun was had!

  5. Your pictures are so cute! I love the one of him in the pumpkin from last year. He's too cute.

  6. So awesome! I love the naked pumpkin pictures and the skeleton in the present! So fun!

  7. How PRECIOUS!!! These are some rockin pics! Looks like that little boy is not afraid of anything

  8. These pictures are too cute. I especially love the one with the holes cut out of the pumpkin for legs. Sweet!!!


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