Thursday, November 13, 2008

Look what I can do!

Hello my crazy little boy! You are 17 months old today. I can't even believe the fullness and hilarity you bring in to my life. Just so you know what tricks you had up your sleeve at this time in your life, I am going to jot down a few things you are doing that make me laugh, cry and/or sometimes pull my hair out!

  • You officially have 12 teeth! Seriously, how is it that you have so many and why do you like to bite my toes? Do they just call to you from beneath the white socks?

  • With so many teeth, you'd think eating would be going swimmingly, but alas, nope! I still have to give you bite size pieces, a few at a time. If I didn't, you would shove an entire banana in your mouth and then decide you couldn't chew it all and take the whole mushy mess out. Gross, child.

  • I also wish you'd just set aside the things you don't want to eat, instead of smashing them and throwing them on the floor with a furrowed brow.

  • Dining aside, your manners are developing quite nicely. You say "thank you"all of the time. Mind you, it is when you give someone something, but you have the right idea. You are starting to learn that please will get you what you want instead of those terribly forced tantrums you were throwing for about a week. Mama and Dad-oo thank you for stopping that as quickly as you started.

  • You are starting to be able to communicate what you want. I love that you pat your belly and say "hungy" (hungry) when you want something to eat. It is much easier to interpret than "AaaaaahhhhhEeeeeYaaaa".

  • You are also starting to make connections. You learned that the sound doggies make is barking. You repeated it and knew what it was the next day when we heard it again. You made me laugh when I sneezed and you said "barkin". Then I had to teach you sneeze. I think you have it straight now! You say yawn after you see us do it and you say "bwess em" when we sneeze.

  • Every color is still bu-lue, but you can now identify 2 letters in addition to B. (O & T) you can count to 4 if i start you off with 1.

  • You are developing an addiction to 2 cartoons. We don't let you watch too much TV, but in the morning while mommy gets ready for work and in the evening while we're trying to make/eat dinner it comes in handy. If we didn't put the shows on, you would certainly destroy something. Sorry, but you are mesmerized by the TV. Unfortunately since you watch these two shows often, you come home, grab the remote and shout "P.B." (T.V.) "gardigins" (Backyardigans) or "boos cloos" (Blue's clues).

  • You have developed an interesting obsession with doors. You make sure to point out every door you see and really enjoy opening and closing them. I'm not exactly sure why you do this. Often, in the morning when I go in to get you, before you even say "hi" or "morning" you say door. Yep, it's a door!

So those are some of your latest antics. Thanks for keeping me entertained. I love you budgins!


  1. That's awesome you created a list for him to see someday! All good stuff!!!!!

  2. Someday he's gonna love this list! So sweet.


  3. Blogging is better than a baby book. Nice list. love it when they say bless you after you sneeze. So cute!

  4. Sounds like he is right on track! Oh, and my little man, if given the opportunity, will shove as much banana in his mouth as physically possible also. It's not his finest trait but it is pretty funny looking! :)

  5. What a sweet list! My daughter loves the same two shoes, even though she only gets to watch a little tv, she gets excited when she sees those 2 shows or hears the music.

  6. You captured everything so well! I kept nodding my head, saying "Yep, I can understand that. Yep, Tem does the same thing. Yep, so darn cute!".

    And can I say, I would love if Tem learned to not spit her food out once she's decided she's done eating.

  7. Good job Mom and Dad for raising an adorable baby boy and making him so cute!!! I love how they say Hungy and also how they throw a whole banana in unannounced, when you are on the phone and turn around and say OM Gosh..I have to go...whole banana tell you later... Oh wait, that has NOT happened to me!!!!

  8. what a precious kid!!! his age is absolutely my favorite, favorite stage. like you said in your last post...watching them see the world for the first time, soaking everything up...and witnessing them beginning to understand INCREDIBLE. savor these sweet, sweet moments...drink them in...every last drop!!!

  9. What a cute little nickname.....and list!

  10. What a sweet boy!
    He sounds like quite the character.

  11. Awww, how sweet. I wish I had been blogging sooner... Great way to document his precious little life. That photo is adorable.

  12. WOW! Your son was born the same day as my daughter! (Women & Infants'?) I found your blog through my friend Rachael (Mommy learns to blog) - love it! Happy 17 months! (18-months just around the corner!)


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