Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1.5 Years and counting

Hi Natey,

You are 18 months old. How did that happen??? I blinked, that's how! You are amazing me all of the time with your new tricks. Here's some of what you can do now.

  • You are working on your 13th tooth. The top right canine has poked its tip through. You will probably have all of your teeth by the time you are 2!!
  • Your curls are getting a bit unruly, but every time I think about cutting your hair it makes me sad, so we'll hold out a while longer.
  • You are starting to make sentences. They are only 2 or 3 words, but you say things like "bankalee (blanky) where?" and "I lu you".
  • You can count to 5. Sometimes you need a little encouragement, but I think that has more to do with how easily distracted you are!
  • You no longer think blue is the only color. You can identify white and pink (weird, I know) and sometimes green.
  • You like to tell me when it's raining while we drive in the car.
  • You had your first official tantrum the other night. You were flopping around like a fish out of water and I was sure you were going to hurt yourself. Luckily momma's singing still calms you down...30 minutes of singing that is!
  • Your favorite word right now is more. You use it when ever you want something. Here's how the conversation usually goes.

Natey: "more"

Me: "more what?" {trying to figure out what you want}

Natey: "more, puleese"

While I appreciate the manners, you need to insert the name of the item you would like when I ask what!!

  • You know Santa by sight and I love that you say "Ho, ho, ho!" while patting your tummy. Let's hope the visit to Santa's lap goes smoothly this weekend.
  • Somehow, you know all of the names of the Backyardigans. I swear you only watch 2 shows a day!!
  • You learned "knock, knock" and like to do it to every door we come to.
  • You say "arm in" when you see me get your jacket, and you can almost put it on by yourself.
  • You're obsessed with my keys. If I even attempt to unlock a door without your help you get very upset.
  • You are getting more cuddly as the days go by. You say "tisses" (kisses) and "hug ums" and then offer a smooch or a squeeze to mommy or daddy.
  • You have stopped saying Dadoo for the most part. Daddy is what you are calling him now. :o( I will miss that a lot. I thought it was so sweet.
  • You can feed yourself with a spoon. The fork is still iffy, but you can scoop like a champ!

Tomorrow you have your 18 month well visit and I will update with your height and weight. I love you little man!


  1. Gosh, I wish I blog when my girls were this age. *pout*

  2. Kameron - this is awesome! He is going to love getting to read all this when he's older.

  3. This is such a fun age because they learn and pick up on so much so quickly!

    T loves to tell me its raining when we are driving, even if it's not raining and I only washed my windshield :)

  4. I love that you use the blog like a baby book too. What a great way to document it all. This is such a great idea. I wish I had done this!

  5. Didn't you just post about his birthday? I must be losing my mind.

    Happy 1.5 years Natey!

  6. I love these posts... reading about all his new tricks. It's going so fast!!

    And I'm totally hooked on the Backyardigans! My friend Kami first told me about them, and I'm hooked. I love the music, lyrics, and little dances! The creator is a genius!!

  7. I like that you are writing letters to him while sharing with all of us. Really sweet. Will you publish this? I really think you should get a book of your blog done!


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