Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Freebie hits the road

I am a frequent habitué of Ms. Heidi's very witty and entertaining blog {Sacred and Profane} and I was thrilled when she asked if I wanted to guest host her Friday Freebie this week! It appears I have unearthed some crafty talent as of late and I want to put it to good use, for you! So, what's up for grabs you ask? You "guest" it. Ha! I kill me!

A personalized appliqued onesie or t-shirt for your baby or toddler (great for a gift too) made by yours truly! You pick the design and size and I get to sewin', if you're the winner of course. And how do you enter??? I'm so glad you asked.

I have been inspired to start a shop on Etsy to peddle my wares, but I can't think of what to name it. I wanted Fancy Pants, but that's already been taken, shucks! That's where you come in. Leave me a comment with your clever idea for my shop name and you will be entered into the drawing. Keep in mind I will be selling the onesies/t-shirts as well as diaper cakes.

{insert annoying announcer voice here}

But wait, there's more! This giveaway is for 2, count them, 2 items!

You know the drill, right? You get one entry for commenting and of course you can get an extra entry by grabbing Heidi's Friday Freebie button and posting it on your blog and link back to her. If you already have it in your side bar, let me know so I can put ya down for 2! One winner will be chosen by this method.
The 2nd winner will be the person who gives me the best name for my Etsy shop! That's right people, I know you are clever, witty and all that jazz, so hop to it!
I will be taking entries until 11:59 PST on Friday.

Help me help you!!


  1. Ok, now those are just ADORABLE! Where were you when I was looking for onesies like that?? Heidi's button is on my sidebar (of course!)- and my suggestion for an Etsy store is Cuddleduds & Cakes! (Or leave off the cake part...)
    You do great work!

  2. I love those...they are so cute! My suggestion is - Kam's Kotton Kreations.

  3. How about "Babies Bum" or something like that? I am terrible at thinking up names.

    VERY cute items!

  4. How about... Trendy Tots or Diaper Duds???

  5. I sadly do not have a creative bones in my body, so unfortunately cannot offer any sage advice re a name for your Etsy site.

    I am super excited to see you shirts, though. Adorable and cannot wait until they go on sale. Must have the giraffe.

    Good luck!


  6. Hooray!!! Thanks for guest hosting. :-)

    Not that I'm entering to win but some store ideas:

    Initial Impressions
    Onesie, Twosie, Threesies
    MonkeyBum Creations

    Yeah. That's all I've got on 1/2 a cup of coffee.

    Let me know when you post the winner and I will post it at my place, too.

  7. Sweet Cheeks or Cheeky Monkey!

    I'm with Heidi...that's all I got on half a cup of coffee. Let me chug this thing and see if I have more!

    Sooo glad your setting up shop!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hold on...confessions....

    Don't worry...this won't be about my Hoo-Ha, or about my friends poop....

    When I was reading your post and read that you decided to "peddle your wares"...I thought that was the name of your Etsy shop....and I thought to myself, "Self...that's a pretty cool name for a shop, isn't it. Kinda catchy!"

    So, this is my last suggestion for your name...

    Peddle My Wares!!!

  9. OK, I will bestow up on you the name I made up for me whatn I thought I was going to have a baby diaper shop thingy (Yes, it was very technical, and it got about six inches off the ground).

    Anyway, we were going to name it...wait for it...


    So you should do that. Plus, those onesies are adorable, and since Seth is the first baby I allow to wear onesies because I have discovered baby legs, I need one (I didn't like the way they looked like tucked in shirts with legs fix that, and voila! I can use onesies!)

    Or maybe I should win for longest comment. Either way. =)

  10. I am out of creative juices...
    Appli-Kute Wears??

    anonymous because i don't have an account. heidi can vouch for me. :D

    -J Dawg

  11. Tops for Tots

    Topsy Toddles

    Tinker Tots

    Cutie Patooties

    Diapers N Duds

    There's some to choose from, or ignore completely, LOL!

  12. That there Nikki chick is funny. I'm gonna hafta go make me a new friend.

    She's right - Peddle My Wares IS cute. So is Cheeky Monkey.

    Was thinking of you in the shower (Ha!) and came up with:

    Kampy Kreations

  13. Diminutive Duds

    Cherub Chic

    There. And I've had no coffee. Wah.

  14. You have some awesome suggestions for names, and I can't even begin to compete with them!

    I do say that once your shope is up, reach out to Cool Mom Picks and offer up one of your creations for a lucky reader. They are the premiere site for baby products, and often feature Etsy moms. And if you are featured there, you might even have to hire some people to help you out because things will take off fast!!!

    How exciting for you!

  15. LOVE the onsies, I had no idea you were so crafty! :)

    I have been kicking around the etsy idea for awhile too, and I'll offer up my name idea, because it's going nowhere fast...and I think my idea fits well with your things...and I even have a tag line to follow for your cards :)

    Littlest Sweet Shoppe (eye candy for the little sweeties in your life)

  16. THOSE are absolutely ADORABLE. Name... hmm... I love a challenge. I bet quite a few of those are taken.

    How about "Monkey Wares"

  17. You, Liz, and I have much more chatting to do! I remember you mentioning your appliqued shirts at dinner, they are fabulous! Do you do them by hand???

    Also, LOVE the diaper cakes! Girl, you ARE crafty!

    I'm actually just posting to post - no name suggestion, but I'll give it some thought.

    For now off the top of my head ... Kreations by Kami

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff you posted! Are you working by hand?

  18. Wow, those are awesome especially the one with the tie. Too cute!

    Tushies & Tummies

  19. How about:
    Diva's & Darlings
    Kameron's Kuddlebugs
    Baby Delights

  20. You've received some great ideas.

    I thought that Peddle My Wares was one of the cutest. (I checked & is available on Etsy).

    As far as my suggestion (so that I can be entered) is... (drumroll)

    Kameron's Korner

    I checked and is also available on Etsy and is also available. I just went through picking the perfect business name & it not being available... it was a sad moment, hence the checking. Best of Luck with your new shop.

  21. My first time to play! Yeah!
    Looks like you have some pretty good names to choose from.
    My suggestion: Monkey O' Mine.
    I posted Heidi's button in my post today. Hope you get lots of hits! :)

  22. Okay I can't think of much but I did come up with this wrinklewares like a play off of a wrinkle in time. I don't know but if i don't win can I I order one? I've got a couple of baby showers at the end of Dec that these would be perfect for. How much time do you need?

  23. So cute!!! I wish I was so handy with the needle and thread!

    I have posted Heidi's button on my blog. **Crossing Fingers**

    Here are my name entries:

    *Silly Monkey
    *Topsey Turvey
    *Alavu - Pronounced A-la-voo (I love you)

  24. Ok, I am coming in on the tale end of this one but I read the post earlier today and have been pondering some additions....

    Sew Adorable (1)
    Scampoli Dressed (2)

    Just so you know...I would also like to be entered in the drawing...even though I am placing my order!


  25. Trendy Togs and Baby Cakes

    Initially Yours

    Binkie Couture and More

    I have Heidi's button on my blog

    maggieparke at verizon dot net

  26. Your stuff is great!

    Handsome bums


    Sew Unique

  27. How about Kam's Kuties or Sew Cute? Or, well, I can't think of anything else! Oh, and the button is on my blog!

  28. I like the name Little Charmers (or Lil Charmers). I think your stuff is absolutely charming and PLEASE let me know when you actually set up your Etsy shop... I would have already ordered some Christmas shirts from you for our little guy!

    Way cute cute!

  29. I had no idea you were so crafty! That Beastie Boys song is going off in my head!! "She's Crafty"

  30. I love the shirt with the tie. so cute and a great idea. I am always wanting ties on my baby boys for church, but they are hard to come by. I suggest some ties that are plain colored, like real ties that match blue pants. Love it


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