Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm trying to cut back

I am the queen of toilet paper. I don't know why, but I just love to give the roll a tug and unravel a bunch each time I, ahem, use the facilities. I'm not sure why this obsession started. Maybe it was because I didn't like the thought of my hand accidentally coming in contact with yuck, or because we used to have the 1 ply stuff that necessitated using a bunch, but I even remember my mom yelling at me for my excessive TP use. Well, my mom may have passed away, but my hubby has taken up her crusade to limit my use of the wonderful, quilted, white stuff.

I accidentally bought the super jumbo quadruple rolls in a wipe-the-butts-of-a-small-country pack at my local warehouse store. I didn't realize I had purchased such gigantic rolls until I opened the pack and noticed that the roll doesn't fit on my TP dispenser. Can you believe they even make rolls that are that big?? The roll has to sit on the counter next to the throne until it is small enough to fit on the roll. This makes my husband VERY happy. I can no longer spin the paper off of the roll to my heart's content.

I guess, especially in this time of going green, I should be more willing to give the trees a break by cutting back. I have come up with a compromise to my love of the sound of unravelling TP versus the need to reduce the use.... I still get to pull the TP with as much gusto as before, only after I tear it off, I rip the amount in half and set the other half back for the next use! My hubby is so thrilled by the prospect that he may have won some kind of stand-off so, I won't tell him that this has less to do with him and more to do with me trying to be more environmentally friendly if you won't!


  1. Too funny! You know, they also make kid-friendly training toilet paper I think with numbers on it where you teach the kid to rip it off after like 3 squares :)

  2. that is hysterical! our new puppy has the same "unravel to your heart's desire" gene that you have! :)

  3. You can always do what Sheryl Crow does, or "advised" ...use one square.



  4. Now that is funny. Sounds like a certain someone that lives in this house. All I hear is spin, spin, spin...enough TP already. Drives me crazy! Sure wish he would go green:)

  5. Oh Can my 4 year old come live with you. He loves TP. Last night he was making a jump rope with it. I think he would fit in well with you...ha

  6. Our cats have that same desire.
    Me too, I wrap it around my hand so many (too many) times to make sure there is NOTHING that will touch "yuck".

    Last week Jim bought some nasty cheap generic stuff that just really needs a few extra wraps.

    I dont know if I can give up the obsession just yet.

  7. Oh I just nearly died of laughter! I have the same issue. :)


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