Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

What better way to relive your "Doh!" moments from the week, than to share them with the group?? If you want to read some other people's stories before you jump on the sharing wagon, pop over to MckMama's blog and see how many of us are willing to divulge the stupid funny things we did last week!

I did not completely forget about my Not Me! Monday post until I opened my blog in a meeting I was in {shush, don't tell} and saw all of the orange button pictures. I then did not contemplate writing said post during the meeting before deciding (since my director was there and all) that it could probably wait until later!!!

OK, now on to the past week!

I did not look back at my last Not Me! post, written at 4am before I left for the airport, and wonder if I really need some kind of intervention for blogging! I mean, who wakes up, gets dressed, puts their luggage in the car and then blogs at that time?? Not me, that's for sure!

When I visited one of my oldest and dearest friends on Tuesday, I did not accidentally lock us out of her house at 10pm! Who knew she'd come outside, in the freezing Colorado night, to say goodbye? We didn't proceed to take off every screen on the front of her house until we found an unlocked window for me to crawl through. As I was half in, bum hanging out of the window, I absolutely didn't hear her say how badly she wanted to smack my tuckus since I would be unable to defend myself {seeing how I was trying not to damage any of her belongings as I broke climbed into her house}!

I did not have 3 glasses of wine with my old boss and some colleagues, stay at dinner until 10:30pm and then drive the 2 blocks back to my hotel without my lights on! If that did happen to me, the valet would not have brought it to my attention and make me feel like a complete moron.

Speaking of this same valet....I did not pull up to my hotel and then wonder how far the restaurant I was going to was and decide to drive around the block to check it out. The valet did not come running out and say it was OK, I didn't have to leave, only for me to wave him on. I did not turn the corner and see the restaurant only 15 feet away and then drive back around and park at the valet station. He knew better than to ask me if I had just taken a "victory lap". I hope I never see that guy again!

What did you "not" do this week??


  1. OMGosh, the victory lap...that is hysterical.

  2. LOL!!! I agree...the victory lap is awesome!!!

  3. What a good friend! I would've totally smacked ya on the butt.

  4. Driving without your headlights is flippin hilarious and the vitory lap had me doing the snort laugh!! SO FUNNY!

  5. I would have smacked you in the butt too! How could anyone resist a butt hanging out in the air like that?

  6. This post had me laughing. Great Not Me's!

    Also, you are more than welcome to borrow my Post Secret idea. (:

  7. I have NO idea why I cannot get your page to load properly. I can see the Not me button, and your name at the bottom, and then NONE of the post LOL!!!

    I hope you have a good Monday anyway!

  8. Love that the valet did not even tell you...I mean, that is his job look out for you? Made me Laugh out loud!!!

  9. I'm sure the valet is sharing your story with his friends.

    And not to worry about needing a blog intervention. It's all in the name of work/life balance. Honest. I've stopped at a restaurant with WiFi just to do the same thing! There are a lot worse habits than friendship!

  10. Ahh, Kam, I can ALWAYS count on your Not Me! posts to give me a good, hearty laugh! I guess I'm with everyone else... I'd've smacked you on the butt too, and I LOVED the victory lap comment. : ) And, um, I want YOUR job! Blogging at work, in MEETINGS... sounds nice! : ) Just kidding. Like I could even pass chemistry.

  11. Something for you on my blog - thanks for being such a great blogger friend.


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