Thursday, December 4, 2008

West Side Coast Part 2

Like I mentioned before, our vacation was split into 2 parts. The first part was at my aunt and uncle's in Washington and then we drove the 3 hours down to my dad and brother's house in Oregon. I had my baby fix with little Aidan and then I got to see my nephew Tristin who is 6 months older than Natey! I miss my family. The boys had a lot of fun together. I loaded up both of the boys to go to the Children's museum and had a flash forward of how my car will be when I have a 2 car seat situation. Boy, am I going to need a bigger car! My lease is up on January 1st so stay tuned for an update on what the solution to my future problem will be!!

We had such a fun time at A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village! The boys were running wild. I had a taste of how it must be to have twins. Luckily my nephew is a much calmer child than little Natey. I would have been in for it otherwise. They played in the toddler area for a bit, experienced the bubble room, got to talk to parrots and play with rain sticks in the rain forest.

The boys got to hang out for 5 days. They snatched shared each other's toys, laughed at bedtime stories and wore matching pj's. They even played horsey, or shall I say that Tristin was being as cute as can be laying on the floor and Natey decided he was a prime target for an unwelcome horsey ride. No joke, he walked over, said "horsey" and bounced up and down on his poor cousin's back before we yanked him off. Needless to say, Tristin cried and we tried to teach Nathan that he has to ask permission before he does that to people. Let's hope it works!

We had a super tasty Thanksgiving dinner with the family. It made me sad that it will probably be another year before the boys get to see each other again. My brother (pictured below in the picture with his boy and with me and Natey) and dad enjoyed "experiencing" my crazy son and got a kick out of how vocal and busy he is at all times. I think it is so funny that the other two munchkins we were around on our trip were so much calmer than my boy. It is sometimes overwhelming, but I wouldn't have him any other way!

The night before we left, we drove to Corvallis to see my friend Darcy. We met up with Darcy, her boyfriend Dustin, and their friends Vicki and Aubree. It was interesting since the restaurant we were supposed to go to didn't open until later so we ended up eating at the bar next door. I'm sure the other patrons were thrilled to see my boy running around, but he did pretty well considering the non kid friendly food they had to offer.

It was a long time to be away from home, but we enjoyed our vacation. Hopefully we can get out that way this summer and you'd better bet we will be buying Natey his own seat. It was lucky that we got one both ways on this trip, but it was stressful not knowing whether I'd have to hold him for 5 1/2 hours!!


  1. Looks like a fun vacay. 2 seats aren't so bad - we fit 2 in the back of the Jetta no problem. I hope tristan wasn't too scarred by the impromptu cowboy!! (tee hee)

  2. I LOVE seeing little cousins play together. My sister just went back North with her kids and it was just so nice seeing my Tristan play with his cousins. They get along so well and luckily see one another 2x a year. Is the guy with the tats your hubby? If so, that's an awesome pic of the 3 of you!

  3. How fun. Those are great pics. I love the one of the two boys in their pajamas. THey are having so much fun laughing together. So cute!

  4. Absolutely love the picture of the boys in bed laughing, that is totally priceless! The family one of you in the green shirt is awesome too, what a handsome little boy you have :)

  5. I love babies in jammies!!! Love that pic!

  6. Oh Kameron what a great post!! The one of the boys looking at eachother laughing was priceless!! Such cuties!!

    I have a honda accord with two car seats and it's not that bad.. Let's just hope the person in the middle is really skinny, lol.

    have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Great pictures!! Sweetpea is super active too, and I wonder the same thing when we visit my friends and their children...but I agree with you, as tiring as it can be, still perfect! :)


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