Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's on your tree??

What's On My Tree Wednesdays

I have been anxiously waiting to play along with this carnival! Being gone for the better part of 3 weeks made it a bit difficult to get a tree and get it decorated. I never feel very Christmasy until I get the tree up and my decorations hung. We finally got our tree this weekend and got it all decorated on Monday! Here is the tree as a whole. Yes, that is a Santa on top. I used to have my mom's angel, but somewhere in my 10 or so moves she disappeared. I have wanted to get another one for the past few years, but haven't found one that is exactly what I want yet. I need to find a vintage one like my momma had. I loved that Angel. I miss both of my angels very much!

My favorite 2 ornaments on the tree are ones that have the most sentimental value. Since I couldn't play last week, I am making it up to Katie by posting 2 ornaments! The first one is one I made when I was about 4. My mom always hung it proudly, in a prominent place on the tree, even though it is made of a TP roll (very fitting, see this post!), ribbon and red and green glitter. I have been made fun of by several people for keeping this ornament, but until it disintegrates, it will hang proudly on my tree.

The second ornament is the one my momma made for my very first Christmas in 1978. I have had this ornament for 30 years and it is probably my favorite. I think I might try to make some of these, if I can find the old plain ornaments. I just think they are precious!

So, that's the first edition of what's on my tree. I love to see other people's ornaments and hear why they love them so much. If you would like to play, see Katie's blog carnival and join in our Holiday Cheer!!


  1. Your tree looks gorgeous! And trust me all of those ornaments I made when I was little would be hanging on my tree too, if i could get my mom to part with them!

  2. Oh, I might do that one too...I just took pics of the tree last night. I LOVE the ornament that your mom made you, so retro cool!!!

  3. My mom still has some ornaments that I made oh so long ago. The handmade ones are always the best. Great tree!

  4. Ok, so maybe I'm not completely over tags and awards and other bloggie things. I like this tree carnival! And LOVE that you still have sentimental ornaments on your tree. I keep mine wrapped up now and only put a few on, with the other snazzy new ornaments I've collected over the years.

  5. I love seeing ornaments made by kids! I was actually thinking of getting a photo of my mom's tree, and using them a my post for next week, since she won't let me have those beautiful ornaments I made as a kid! Love the TP roll!

  6. Thank you for the sweet comment on our blog! It's nice to "meet" someone who has the same name~kinda. I'm just Kam.

    I love your ornaments! Handmade/homemade is just the best.

    Have a great day!

  7. ohhh your tree is georgeous!!! I love it, and is it a real tree, its huge!! I love when they are big around like that!! ;) LA


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