Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordful (Still is in my time zone) Wednesday

Warning....Long Post Ahead! Don't worry though, there are lots of pictures!!!
I know it has been over a week since we embarked on our West Coast adventure, but since I wasn't blogging on vacation (mostly) I am now sharing the first of a few posts regarding our trip...
We flew out of Boston and, for those of you who read my 2 week ago Not Me! post, you know how fun that flight was. It was so hard for me to relax when I knew my boy was not a car seat sleeper and was stressed that he had to be in one spot for so long. Anyway, we made it through the flight and also the 2 hour drive to my aunt and uncle's house in Olympia,WA. I must admit, it is hard to remain stressed when you awake in the morning to the sun rising over the Puget sound. A lot of the time it is too foggy or cloudy to see Mt. Rainier but, despite the weather channel's predictions, it was a beautiful clear day and we had a gorgeous view of the mountain.

Workin around 2 baby's naps we managed to meet up with Heather (Adventures of Aidanpod), my cousin's wife and their gorgeous boy Aidan at their house and headed over to the Children's museum. It was so great to see them. Heather quickly discovered what she would need to baby proof by letting crazy Natey run free in the house!! Last year, when we were there, they had recently found out they were pregnant and Natey was 5 1/2 months old, so I'm sure these things were far from their minds before now!

We had fun letting Natey run wild at the Children's museum and got to catch up afterwards over lunch. I have to admit since this was the first time we have taken Nathan to one of these places, I was fighting my germ-a-phobia watching him put stuff in his mouth that I am certain other slimy cold-ridden kids had slobbered on...Oh, well! Aidan was so calm. He just chilled out and hung with us. I have to admit, I am a bit jealous seeing as Natey had NEVER been calm like that. He was such a joy to be around!

We had such a relaxing visit. Natey adjusted to the time difference amazingly well and we hung out in jammies in the mornings so lazily. It was awesome!

My aunt and uncle have several things of interest to nosey Natey in their house. One of which was a gong that they showed him how to use. Thank God we don't have one of these at home because after his first taste, he kept running over to it yelling "Gong! Gong!" and wanted to bang on it non-stop.
We had decided, a while before we went out there, that we wanted to get professional pictures taken. I, in my newly discovered crafty mode, decided I wanted to make matching onesies for the boys to wear for their picture together. I thought they looked so stinkin' cute in them! I also made a onesie for Aidan out of pea pod material, since his nick name is Aidanpod! (For a pic of the onesie on cutie pie Aidan click here)

The picture taking experience was traumatic and the prints were way too expensive for how they came out, but the boys looked so cute it was hard to not buy some. I'm still skeptical of how they will turn out, but I'll let you know.
We took Natey to the family's trout farm and it was so funny to see him marvel at the fishies! He had a blast checking out the hatchery and the big fish in the pond. He even got to ride sky high on Uncle Hans' shoulders (he's 6'6") to check out the scenery.


We had such a wonderful visit with our family. I miss them already and hope we can get out there in the summer when Nathan will be 2 and probably even more crazy! Thank you Aunt Kat and Uncle Hans for making our stay so enjoyable. We only wish we had more time to spend with you, Chad, Heather and of course cutie-patootie Aidan!

Ugh, one thing I am irritated about is that I didn't get any pictures with Heather and I with the boys (unless you count the professional ones). Sometimes when I am behind the camera I forget to have other people take pictures...I have to get better at that!! So that was part one of our trip. Stay tuned for the rest!


  1. Nice! I am stealing this idea one day...I need some down day!

  2. Sounds like a nice time, & love all the pictures. I visited Heather's site. She is a sweetie. The onesies are adorbale and look so cute on the boys. I can't wait to see the professional ones.

  3. Looks like fun!! Those onesies are friggin adorable! Nice work, Martha!!

  4. The video was great! And we all expect a nice how-to at some point on your onesie creations :)

  5. OK, so how could I catch you mid-blog post? Do you do a blank one until you are completed and then edit? If you do that is SMARTY PANTS!!!

    Looks like you had a great time and I am glad you are all back safely. I love the Christmas tree onesie and the pic of your uncle with Nate...faces are priceless!!!!


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