Thursday, February 12, 2009

Come in and stay a while!

Welcome to my new home. Ah, don't you love new blog smell?? I sure do. I love my new digs and owe a huge thanks to Heather @ Adventures of Aidanpod! She is the best! She patiently went back and forth with my overly OCD self until it was exactly what I wanted (don't even ask how many times I wanted the background changed)! I guess it helps when you're practically family and all.

All kidding aside, she did such a wonderful job. Besides designing her own blog, which she changes frequently, she also did a makeover for one of our bloggy friends Brooke. All of our blogs are different styles, but she managed to capture a piece of who we are in each of them. She listens to what you want and then gives you even more than you've asked for. I highly recommend checking out her blog and let her know what an awesome job she did!!

Thanks Heather (and Chadly for all of your interjections)!!!


  1. I love it...and I love that you have pictures of hubby on here now. Nice job Heather!

  2. Very nice< Kameron! But, hey? I can't comment in IE, only in Firefox. :-(

  3. Looks so wonderful...congrats!

    New blog smell!Funny ")

  4. Ohhh...I love it! Your hubby is finally represented!!

  5. Heather truly rocks! She's amazing and so very talented. I LOVE your new design. The bright colors are perfect, and they make your black and white pictures "pop" and look so very classy. Enjoy your new look.


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