Thursday, March 5, 2009

California dreamin

Yes, you saw that correctly. The temperature on the dashboard of my rental car when I arrived in San Diego on Sunday. Funny thing is, when I boarded the plane in RI it was 21 degrees.
8 hours + 3000 miles = 60 degrees
I felt only mildly guilty that my husband would be shoveling snow that same day as we got a little over a foot in the time I was gone. I am so tired of winter. I want to be warm. I want to move back to California.
So why was I in sunny San Diego you might ask?? I had to attend a conference for work. I know, rough, right?? You don't know the half of it. Getting there was the hardest part! Hmm, let's see, what can go wrong in 1 (half) trip??
  1. My flight got cancelled and I didn't get so much as an email letting me know.
  2. They stuck me on another airline so I had to go to 2 ticket counters when I got to the airport.
  3. My flight got in over an hour later than it was supposed to.
  4. I end up with an "exit row" seat so I have no where to put my bag and my tiny tray was in the arm of my seat (which I didn't realize until after I was balancing my snack on my lap)
  5. When informed of said tray, I tried to hold everything while I set it up and spilled my bagel chips all over the floor. Cheese spread without some sort of cracker type snack pretty much stinks!
  6. When passing my snack box trash and empty (except for melting ice) cup to the flight attendant, I dropped the cup on the guy next to me's lap top (luckily no causalities).
  7. When I arrived I tried to use the kiosk for my rental. After 10 minutes and putting in all my info it gave me an error and I had to go to the counter anyway.
  8. I get my car all set and get half way to the exit when I realize there is no GPS, which I have paid for, so I have to park and haul all of my stuff back inside to get a new car.
  9. 15 minutes later I am on the road with a 2 size upgrade with GPS. (Ok, so that was at least a positive!)

At least the resort where I stayed was awesome! I really missed my boys as soon as I got there and wish we were all on vacation together instead of me being away from them for work.

The good thing is, my sister and friend Suzin live about an hour and a half away (both in different directions) from where I was staying. They both came down on Sunday and we hung out and went out for sushi. We had good food, a few Saki bombs and relaxed
and hung out in my room. The thing that stinks the most about going somewhere alone (besides missing my rosy cheeked sleepy boy cuddles in the morning) is having to take pictures of yourself! Ha! I always feel like a moron when I am doing this and inevitably have to take 10 to get one good one. This picture was as good as it got for this session, so oh well.

I got to see a friend I hadn't seen since my mom's funeral too. He lives in San Diego with his wife and super cute baby girl. We went out to dinner and had Mexican food. I was so happy to have a good taco, I can't even tell you. I had a nice time seeing my sister and friends, managed to stay awake through the conference, didn't get an ounce of color since I was inside all day, was exhausted by the red eye that I took home, and now I'm back to the grind.

I am happy to be home with my boys, but {humming} I wish we all could be California girls residents!


  1. That is awesome that you got to mix some pleasure with business. So cool that you had freinds that could meet up with you. Beautiful pictures too. I think about now all of us north/east people want to be Califonia residents. :)

  2. Oh, I am jealous right trip to vegas was only 65 degrees and I thought that was a heat wave!!! You look great! The running is paying off!!!

  3. I miss California like crazy, too!! My company's home office is even out there - not that they ever send me out for any business trips!! :(

  4. What a nice reprieve in the middle of winter - even if you couldn't take those boys of yours!

  5. I never manage to take a good picture, ever. Whether I try to take it myself or someone else tries to take it for me! You did great :)

    Also, I'm sure it was great catching up with family and friends. Always nice when you can mix work and pleasure.

  6. I thought I saw you drive by on the freeway!

    Great hair day by the way ")

    Hope your travels back will go more smoothly!

  7. Soak up some sun for me, k?

    Although I could deal with CA weather, my roseyneck would be very out of place! LOL


  8. I love socal! Glad you had a fun trip. I always miss the fam immediately when I get to to a place on my own...John and I went on cruise once and I started crying when we set sail without the kiddos. I'm a dork! What a beautiful resort!

  9. Love that pic of you and your cute hair!! I never do my hair - I'm SO lame!! And that last pic of the palm trees... seriously... that should be on an ad somewhere!

  10. Love the pics... definitely make me miss Cali!

    And "that's as good as it gets"??? I'd say! That was a beautiful picture of you!

    Glad you're back home :)

    Check out our blog soon... might see a familiar name :)

  11. I'm so jealous you got to go to san diego. We were there in november and it was gorgeous. New England felt extra cold those first few days back. Looks like you had a great trip!


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