Friday, March 13, 2009

Natey at 21 months

Hi buddy. You are 21 months old today. There is so much that you have been doing that I can barely keep up.

  • You know all of your shapes and colors now. You can sort the flash cards we have by color and shape. When we drive by a school bus you have to make sure I know it's a "big, lellow, school bus".
  • This first one brings me to the point that you are using 4 word sentences more and more these days. I can't even believe what comes out of your mouth sometimes. It just seems that you are still my baby, but my baby is talking in sentences now. I don't like that you're growing up so fast.
  • You think you are batman. If a toddler could have an obsession, yours is Batman. If you see Spiderman you also call him Batman. You sing the Batman theme song and I sometimes even hear you doing it over the monitor when you are drifting off to sleep.
  • Your hitting has reached a whole new level. We are working with you on it and I pray (for your sake and my sanity) that this phase is over soon.
  • You say yes all of the time now. I love the way you say it. I sometimes ask you questions, I know you will say yes to, just to hear it.
  • You are getting the idea of potty training. Every morning you wake up and ask for "pee pee toilet". Most of the time nothing happens, but you cry if I try to take you off,so we just sit there until you are ready to be done.
  • Dare I say this, since I don't want to jinx myself, but you are the best eater. Sometimes it takes you a minute to warm up to something, but you eat almost everything Daddy and I do. I make curry, spicy turkey tacos, stir fry, you name it and you eat it up. I really hope this continues because it makes dinner a snap!
  • You say, "Uh oh, sketios", and "yikes" when you do something like drop a toy or spill your juice.
  • You can count to 12 (still leaving out 6, I don't know what you have against mommy's favorite number) and are starting to really count things. You came out of your room the other day with both of your blankets shouting, "two bankalees!!" and you like to count your food all of the time, whether it's grapes or beans.
  • You call yourself, or anyone else doing something funny, a "silly goose".
  • You have evolved from just saying "mout" when you want to get out of your high chair, car seat, or someone carrying you. You now say "keem out", which I can only assume is come out. You pretty much say it a minute after I have you strapped in the car and I have to explain all the way home why it's not possible.
  • You still have 16 teeth and I think the 2 year molars are on their way in since you have been chewing on your fingers a lot lately.
  • You love brushing your teeth. Mommy always gets to go first, but you always ask for more toothpaste when it's your turn.

You are almost 2 Natey-poo! I tell people that now, "he's almost 2", because I'm tired of counting in months. Pretty soon you'll be able to tell them yourself!! We love you sweetie and we especially love watching you grow.


  1. one of my favorite, favorite stages...aside from the things like hitting, of course!

  2. I love these posts!!! Such a great keepsake for Natey!!! He is such a sweet boy!

  3. Knows his shapes and colors, is a good eater, intersted in the potty....sounds like the perfect personal ad for TemTem :)

  4. He is so smart. I love these posts too. I am so jealous that you are doing this for him, & I wasn't blogging when mine were this age...because you have it all documented. So perfect.

  5. I agree - this is a great stage. It just keeps getting better too!!!

  6. Awww Kam, What a smart little fellah you have. Life is so much more interesting with kids that's for sure. :o) Hope you all have a great weekend.

  7. Very cute. Sounds like you have a very smart little boy!

  8. Awww... what a lovely post. He'll want that in his baby book one day. Really, he's brilliant because my 30 month old isn't even using the potty yet - and has only known his shapes for a few months! And you're so lucky that he eats so well! Mine does not eat anything ever, so he looks like we starve him. Seriously, you could count his ribs through his clothes! Anyway, Natey is a cutey patootie and this post was really adorable too! BTW, have I told you before that my man has that lion towel too?!

  9. I love this post. What a gift you have given to yourself and you little guy!
    You have preserved some of the most awesome memories!!! I wish I had that kind of detail written too!

    Wow, he is such a wonderful little man.

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Happy Birthday Bud!!!

    He'll get over the hitting. Probably still to young to totally understand. At least hes not biting. try and look at the bright side. LOL

    Love and Prayers,


  11. How cute! My kiddo says "silly goose" too and I love to hear him say "yes". Some things never get old :)

    Congrats Natey!

  12. I adore the first picture, where he is sticking out his bottom lip. Too cute!

    Oh, and yes, as kids approach two, it is too hard to keep counting the months. That mental math is a killer! :)


  13. That is awesome about his colors and numbers!
    Josie is not so hot in that area yet. Every number is still 2!

  14. He's so cute!!!! And what a great age, but then again, they are all great ages huh. It just keeps getting better and better!!!!

  15. Love the "uh, oh, sketios." So cute!!! Natey is seriously the smartest boy around. And hooray for being a good eater!


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