Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Ranting

I don't often use my blog as a medium on which to complain, but I just feel overwhelmed today and maybe, if I get it all out, I'll feel better. So here goes...

Why is it impossible for my husband to find anything unless it is attached to a giant flashing neon sign??? Whenever he asks me where something is and says he has "looked" for it, I can pretty much guarantee I will find it in 2.5 seconds and it will have been RIGHT in front of his face.
Speaking of husbands, here is the conversation we had last night (me in my craft room and him in the kitchen) and what it resulted in this morning:

DH: Honey can you do something for me?
Me: Sure, but you have to put the food away from dinner while I do it.
DH: Ok. {Sounds deceptively easy now doesn't it?}
Me: Can you put 1 1/2 enchiladas and a scoop of rice in a container for my lunch tomorrow.
DH: Why not 2 enchiladas?
Me: I already cut one in half for dinner so just put the other half in my lunch please. {What does it matter if I only want 1 1/2??}
DH: Ok. How many scoops of rice?
Me: Just one.
DH: Ok. {I imagine here he is scooping said rice into container.}

I finish the project and we head over to our family's house to deliver it. We get home, I'm exhausted and I put Natey down and watch some TV in bed before I fall asleep. I awaken this morning and go to put my nicely packaged lunch in my lunchbox.....

Me: Honey, where's the rice?
DH: Oh, shoot, I forgot to put it in.
Me: Seriously, where is it then?{what the HECK were you doing during that whole conversation last night?}
DH: I must have forgotten to put it away.
Me: So it is still in the rice cooker on the counter {checking}? Ugh!
DH: You can still eat it.
Me: Um, no, you can't still eat it after it has sat out.... all night... at room temperature. Can you say food poisoning?

What is going on with my throat right now?? It doesn't hurt, but it feels like it is closing on me and there's a golf ball there every time I swallow. I can not get sick. I do not have the time and we are going on vacation in 9 days. It would be SO rude if I were to get sick right now because then Aaron will get it right in time for our trip.
Natey, please stop hitting mommy in the freakin face!!!
Automatic flushing toilet, please stop flushing while I am still peeing!! I promise you can flush when I'm all done.
Work is on my last nerve right now. When am I going to have a boss??? It has been a year and a half since I had an actual boss and not some interim idiot who doesn't even know what I'm doing or how to guide me in any way shape or form! I'm about to pull my hair out.

Ok, I'm sorry for all of that, but I do feel a little bit better. It seems kinda stupid now that I go back and read it, so I guess it put things in perspective if anything. I now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.


  1. tee hee....boys are dumb...but we already knew that (although only the boys we married not our brilliant sons of course!!)

  2. Oh man, Kam, you're cracking me up!!! I LOVE random rantings!!! Ok, seriously, did you and Aaron overhear Chad and I have that SAME conversation? (a day ago, a week ago, it doesn't matter - it's ALL the time!!). Yeah, how many times do I have to tell Chad where the stupid casserole dish goes. He's put it away 10 times now! And yes, I love the questioning of the 1 1/2 enchiladas. Ugh! I would love to rant about Chad's grumpiness last night, but everyone I know reads my blog, so I can't! (That's why I'm taking up all your commenting space!!). : )

    Anyway, flushing toilets... hate 'em. Sorry about the lack of a boss thing. And Natey, quit hitting Momma!!!!

  3. Ooh, and I love the "j" sock monkey shirt. Cute!!

  4. Are you kidding me? Men can't look for things, silly girl. My girls come and say 'I can't find the jelly!' WHen I know darned well it's in the door of the fridge. So *I* say "Try looking like a woman would like and not like a man, an dyou'll find it." Rob says it's sexist and rude. I say - "honey? can you go get me the jelly from the fridge?"


    The toilet is just trying to make sure you're all nice and tidy down there.

    Hope your day stops sucking.

  5. Feels so good to randomly ramble and rant, doesn't it? Boys are boys. They only half listen to us half the time, which means the odds aren't usually in our favor for them hearing and understanding what we are saying/requesting.

  6. I just take it as a guarantee if Joe can't find something, it is right infront of his face. Sometimes I think men are one braincell away from a total vegetative state. At least that is the thought that keeps me from backhanding him and killing that last remaining braincell... I so sympathize with you...

    Also as someone who is on vacation with two sickos, don't do it! Just stay home!

  7. loved the rant ~ hope you feel better! That's whatI love about therapy!

  8. Glad you got that off of your chest!!!

    Do you have a button? Am I missing it?


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  10. Hi Kameron, I linked over to your blog from Heather's (Adventures of Aidenpod). I was just heading to bed, but thought I'd read one more random post and your title looked like a good choice.

    Loved it. Too funny. I was giggling along with the husband part (mine's the same way), but I just about lost it with Nathan hitting you in the face! It's a page right out of my own life.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Just thought I'd come visit your blog from today's Friday Freebie...

    Your first paragraph about your husband needing a neon sign to find something sounds just like MINE! So...I'm thinking we're seeing a trend here with a lot of hubbies?

    Hope your Friday is much better than your Thursday. And it's OK to rant a little bit...didn't it feel good to get it all out??

    I love your blog design, by the way! The colors are so vibrant! I'll have to check out your designer.

    Thanks again for entering today's Friday Freebie. Good luck!

  12. You sound like me right about now! I feel the SAME way about... EVERYTHING!!

  13. I swear your husbands sounds like the clone of mine! Drives me insane to have to stop what I'm doing to point something out for him.

    Work is a pain in the ass this week for me too. Tons of back stabbing and lies. So catty and a waste of good energy.

    I hope your not getting sick! That is no fun esp when your about to go on vacation.

    Natey - be nice to your mommy! She makes you so many cool shirts! :o)

  14. I came over from Melissa, at Home is Where your story begins, so glad I did :)
    I love your wit, and can relate :)

    My husband stands in one spot and asks where something is...and I say, you have to 'actually' look for it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh man, my hubs is the same with finding things. JUST yesterday he asked where Tristan's brush was and I told him in the drawer. It's a small drawer. He comes back and says it's not there. I go and there it is, right in plain view. In his defense though, the bristles were face down. I can see why that would make it harder. Ya RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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