Thursday, April 23, 2009

Accessorize on Me!!

I used to be a big tomboy. I had makeup applied to my face for the first time when I was 16 years old. I didn't really get the hang of it so I didn't officially start wearing makeup until I was about 18. I always hated dresses. My best friend said it looked like I was standing on third base at all times. Not a flattering image, I know. When I moved out on my own and saw more of the world than just my small town bubble, I realized that I needed to add a touch of femininity to my look. I took baby steps and one of the things I picked up along the way is my LOVE of earrings. I don't wear much jewelry besides my wedding rings and the occasional necklace, but you will be hard pressed to find a picture of me without earrings on. Some women are obsessed with shoes, some with handbags, but I will pass right by a Louis Vitton for an awesome pair of dangly earrings!

A few years ago I was at a festival and discovered the coolest earrings ever. I almost don't want to tell you what they're made of because I don't want to loose you. you may guess if you want...maybe I'll reveal it later!! Anyway, they are the most light weight and super cute earrings. I went a bit overboard and bought an entire lot of them once on Ebay. I have them in every color they make. The thing about the lot I got was it had 2 of every color so every time I open my jewelry box I see the sad earrings that want to be worn looking enviously at their same colored counterparts! I know you are wondering where the heck I am going with this, but bare with me here!! I want to give some of these earrings to YOU!
I found the picture of the earrings below on line since the ones I have are still cozy inside their individually wrapped bags. I even have a couple more colors than this picture shows. So I am giving away 4 pairs of these earrings. All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what your favorite accessory is. Maybe I'll even give a bonus pair to the first person to correctly identify what they're made of!

You can earn bonus entries if you:
1. Follow my blog
2. Blog about it and link back to my post
I'm not technically savvy enough to tweet, so sorry about that!! Just leave me a separate comment for each one and good luck. The contest closes Tuesday afternoon at 4:44pm EST (I'm just random like that). I will choose the winners with that thingy (oh I love that toy) on Tuesday night and the first person I draw will get first pick of the colors and so on!!


  1. OK I so want a pair!!! Are they silk flowers?

  2. I love big chunky rings. Are they fake painted fingernails?

  3. I'm a sucker for bangle bracelets myself!

    And as someone with a degree in marine biology, I totally know what they're made of...FISH SCALES!! Right??

  4. And I'm following you now :)

  5. I follow already. ANywher eyou lead I'm like a yippy little dog, following you. Lapping up scraps you leave behind. *sigh*

    That sounded so..weird and kind of...fatal attraction didn't it? Sorry.

    I like earrings and I like nosestuds. Since, yk, I have my nose pierced. Wouldn't one of those bad boy earrings look fab coming out of my nose?!?!? Just kidding. I only wear little jeweled studs in my nose.

    What are they made out of? Hmmm.... potato peels. No, uh...dried fingernail polish. I clearly don't have a clue. Ooooh..I know now. I'm tech savvy. I figured it all out.

    Ok. I'll stop talking to myself in your comment section now.

  6. Crap. I can't follow instructions for squat, man.

    But here's my second comment to make sure I get my two WELL DESERVED entries. HA!

  7. I'm one of your biggest fans, I mean follower, lol.

  8. I'm having to say they are silk colored rose petals... That's all I can come up with.

    My favorite "girly" thing is my obsession with nose studs. I have about 25 of different colors and shapes. No hoops or anything bit at all. Just a teeny tiny little bit of color to bling out my nose, lol.

  9. My favorite accessory is definitely earrings as well. I feel naked without earrings on!

    Those are pretty. My guess is... Lay's potato chips.

  10. I am also a HUGE fan of dangly earrings. I actually bought a special pair for each of my children's births and wore them in the Labor and Delivery room. More people commented on my earrings than my cute baby when we showed off "just born" photos!!! I love the bright colors of these ones. Gorgeous! They look like thin plastic to me, but must be something else because there's nothing weird about plastic!

  11. Oh, and I already follow your fabulous and adorable blog.

  12. Ooo, ooo! Pick me! Pick me! LOL

    I love bracelets.

    Girl, you take great pictures of yourself, that is for sure!


  13. those are pretty. I am a sucker for
    colorful eyeshadow
    spending money on these things.

  14. following you.. all the way to those pink earrings!

  15. I'm guessing they are made from shrimp shells -

    I wear my wedding ring all the time. It's only been off my hand once, in late pregnancy, when the hubby and I changed rings. I wore his, and he wore mine (on his pinky!)

    Anyway, my favorite accessory would have to be my hair claws, since I have them to match just about any possible outfit. If I had to go with jewelry, though, I'd say bracelets.

  16. I love all the colors of these earrings! I love dangly earrings, and have a few pair in my jewlery box. But I almost always forget to put them on....I usually just leave my stud earrings in all the time. When I'm working or going out, the accessory I always add to an outfit is a necklace. A watch is a given, as well as my wedding rings. Sometimes I will also add in an extra big, chunky ring for fun.

    Oh, and it's late, I've been functioning on litle sleep the past few days, and the first thing that popped into my head was condoms! Tell me that's not what they are made out of?

  17. And of course I'm a follower because we are long lost sisters seperated at birth :)

  18. They are rose petals!? And yeah I have been a follower!

  19. These are super cute! I am following!

  20. Oh, and my favorite accessory is my Pandora bracelet!

  21. Oh, my friend, surely you must know that I ain't too proud to beg when it comes to great accessories.

    I follow you! (Shocked to find out that I wasn't already. Glad that is corrected.)


  22. Now, let's earn some extra entries.

    What is my favorite accessory? That's easy! Anything that glitters. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all.

  23. What are the earrings made of?

    I am going to go with Quartz.

  24. Was I supposed to tell you which colors I love too? I don't want to leave a stone unturned.

    I heart the purple and the green.

    Good night!

  25. I love those! And you look absolutely gorgeous in that picture. I love your top - I want THAT!! :) I love the earrings too though - are they made of paper? I thought I was already a follower of yours but for some reason I wasn't - now I am!! Enter me!

  26. I gave you an award today on my blog. Check out my latest post to see it!

  27. did I miss this post? I am totally slow on this one...I love all those earrings...and the pic of you...SMOKING!!!! Nice! Please enter me several times because I am cool and then I am sure I will win....
    ;) T


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