Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Bunny?

That's what Nathan kept saying all day. I tried to explain that he could just say Happy Easter, but the bunny kept on following. I gave up because it was cute anyway! I suppose I will save reasoning with him until he is actually 2. I have been killing you with long posts so I will give you the weekend in a nutshell...

We colored eggs successfully, well mostly
Nathan got an Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa and destroyed it in 2 minutes flat

Easter brunch, lunch, dinner that lasted 4 hours (could I be any more full right now???)

Bubble time with Papa

My handsome husband watching our boy play
Glittery Easter Eggs
And finally...
An almost in focus,
2 of us looking at the camera,
me making an only slightly stupid face
family shot


  1. Oh! I think that your day sounds perfect and yet another cute little Happy Easter Bunny for your scrapbooks! I love the Family we ever really get that FANTASTIC shot? Waiting for that one still...Hope your day was great!

  2. I'm loving the glittery eggs. FUN! You guys are so cute in your family photo also.

    You and Heather both have got to be two of the nicest, generous people I have met on blogger. Thank you so much for sending Brody's shirt the way you did. You know I would have still loved it no matter what. I will be watching for the mail like crazy this week. Blog post coming soon..... lol.

    Glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend sweetie!

  3. Beautiful eggs all glittery! And what a beautiful brunch to be had by your the family sho ~ you guys are way cute!

  4. Looks like a great Easter!! I miss the huge family gatherings that we had for the holidays....Looks like a great way to spend the day!

  5. Happy Easter Bunny has to be the cutest thing! I loved all of your pictures, but my favorite was the family picture at the end. Great job capturing the memories of the weekend.

  6. CUTE family!

    And I'm *totally* crackin up at you thinking you'll be able to reason with Nate when he's two. THAT is funny. *wink*

  7. Wow, love the pix. Eggsecially of the huge gathering for brunch. Looks wonderful.

    Sounds like a wonderful day.



  8. Look at the size of that table!! That is just AWESOME!

  9. I think your Easter sounded perfect! Love the glitter eggs. 4 hours of eating sounds good to me. LOL
    Great family picture too, you all are so beautiful. I never like the ones of me...I'm always popping my crazy eyes. :)

  10. I can't believe with all the people at that table, you had anything to eat! Someone must be an amazing cook!
    p.s. good luck with that whole reasoning thing....

  11. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter!

  12. Now that looks like a heck of an Easter brunch!! Can I be invited next year??

  13. Cute pics! It looks like you had a great Easter!


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