Monday, April 13, 2009

Natey at 22 months

Two months 'til you're 2 my sweet boy!! I have started telling people you'll be 2 in June because, like I've said before, the months thing is getting old! The funny thing is, whenever I tell people you're not 2 yet, I get a look of disbelief and usually a comment about how big or smart you are for your age. I personally think you're a freakin genius, but hey, I'm your mommy and way too biased! Here are some of the things you do and say that I'm loving at the moment.

  • Your understanding of sentences and their appropriate context is blowing me away right now. When something amazes you, you say "Wow, oh my goodness!" and, after a book we read yesterday it has become, "Oh, my goodness gracious".
  • Here are some of my favorite things you are saying right now:

"What that kind?" (and insert any noun after that such as noise, which is the current favorit)

"Wha happened?"

"No like it!"

"Go away, momma, go away." (when I try to change your diaper or you just want to be a pill)

"Found it!"

"My do it!"

"Oh, man!" (Thanks Dora for teaching him this little gem, and yes he uses is at the right times.)

  • You are obsessed with dinosaurs. T-rex is your fave, but you also have "ceratops" and "spinesaurus" down pat too. You get upset if T-rex isn't in the bath for you to wash him.
  • You can now count to 10 in English and Spanish (thanks again Dora. At least something good comes out of your annoying show).
  • You have finally figured out the fork should go straight in and not sideways, although you still spill a lot of food and usually revert to your fingers about half way through.
  • The hitting is slowly getting better, but I feel we still have a ways to go to get through this phase.
  • You learned your first country and capital. I am going to get a big laminated wall map so we can start this country learning project in earnest!
  • You are doing great with the potty training. After 2 times of #2 in the little potty, mommy got grossed out and bought you a seat for the big toilet. I We like this much better anyway.
  • You are so polite. You always say please and thank you. You even say, "No tanks" when you don't want something. It cracks me up every time.
  • When you get upset, you do this pitiful whining thing and say, "crying, people sad". I think you got this from when I tell you not to hit because it makes people sad.
  • You are obsessed with finding things as we drive. You love looking for school buses, flags and garbage trucks. When we see a flag, you immediately say, "more flags!" and will continue repeating yourself until I say, "Ok, lets look for more flags".
  • You only sit still for 1 thing, and 1 thing only. "Toons". You could watch Nemo over and over and still want to watch it again. I am happy this is the case, because it saved us on the last cross-country flight.
  • You are in a phase of wanting to hear me (or daddy) sing songs. "Need more song, mommy", is a phrase I hear often. When I ask you what song you want, you sometimes reply with things you like that aren't even songs. Mostly, it is Nemo song that is requested, so I made one up and you seem to love it.
  • It also amazes me that you know the words to all of the songs we sing. I found this out one day as I was singing and stopped for a second and you filled in the words. Now I do it all the time because it is fun.
  • Whenever we drive by a park you say, "Go in there, tube slide". This gets fun because I have to tell you every morning on the way to daycare that we can go in there later, but now we have to go to Rachel's house. This seems to appease you momentarily.
  • You know your full name and I can hear you saying it in your crib sometims. It sounds a bit like, "Natan Thomas CamPOLI" (you really like to emphasize the ending)!

I love you buddy and all of the things that you do. You're so sweet and kind and it amazes me that you rarely cry. I love your sunny disposition and, even though you are crazy and some times exhaust me, I am loving every minute that is the Natey show!!


  1. Wow...22 months. He is getting big and doing so many things these days. Love the no cute. He is precious!

  2. What a sweet post for your sweet little man!

  3. Holy teeth! I can't believe he has so mnay! This is such a fun age. Yes, sometime tiring and trying, but so much fun as they learn the language. There is no doubt a guaranteed smile each day from something they say that cracks us up.

    And you are so entitled to be biased, but to me, he sounds like he is a genius.

  4. Yep, genius he is. I love these posts!!! I'm so thankful you can remember all of his little sayings and mannerisms, because they crack me up. Funniest thing has to be hearing him saying his full name IN THE CRIB. Yep, genuis he is. : )

  5. Not only is he ADORABLE, but my goodness he's SMART!! My 2 year old, still doesn't talk much...he understands a lot, but has NO desire to speak. Too bad we can't get our boys together so Natey can teach Trevor how to talk! :)

    Time sure flies! Good luck with potty-training! I'm making my MIL work with Trevor over the summer! LOL! Funny how we both got peed on...I really thought I was past that. :)

  6. He is adorable ! I love your post ! I loved the age of two - it was never the "terrible two's" for us ! Three was what got me both time !!

  7. Woohooo!! Not long now, eh? Our boys share a birthday, don't they? B will be 1 on the 13th and I *think* you said Nate's bday is the 13th as well? Am I crazy? Wait..don't answer that.

  8. I love reading these posts!

    Also, I bought Drew a potty chair the other day and I already don't think I'm going to like it. I may have to go your route with the little seat for the big potty!

  9. Lil Natey is doing fantastic at his age and even ahead of most kids. He must have gotten all his smarts from you, lol. No wonder he ate a whole chicken leg at the wedding, look at all those teefers! :o)

    Girl, Before I forget I MUST thank you for Brody's shirt! It's a hit... Soon as I ripped open the package I smiled ear to ear, took a pic of it on my cell phone and sent it out to a few of my girlfriends to see. Guess what? He even wore it the day of his birthday (yesterday) Screw the one year old shirt - we rocked out in a skull and cross bone shirt!!

  10. Oh, what a cutie pie he is! He and my little Beast have so much in common!

  11. So cute! I love the little sentences. We have been trying to write down Luca's little conversations too. I can't wait to look back on them with her when she's older. We are getting "no like it!" to pretty much everything these days. "Go away" is popular here too. And the ever popular "mama, no feed Miles" or "go in the swing Miles". Yeah, she doesn't love her brother quite yet.
    Now that it's a bit warmer we should try to get together with Joelle. What do you think?

  12. Wow, he has gotten so big! What a cutie!

  13. Okay... so he's a smarty.

    But GOOD LORD is he not GORGEOUS? I know you're not supposed to say that for a boy... but that smile in that first picture? Gonna be melting hearts his whole life with that one :)


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