Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I can't wait!

12 weeks
I am not the most patient person in the world. Who am I kidding, I get anxious at the mere thought of waiting for something. If I am waiting on a phone call or email I will compulsively check my phone or inbox to see if I might have missed it. Can you say slight OCD?? So imagine me, this impatient creature, waiting 20 whole weeks before I can find out if I'm in for more snakes, snails and puppy dog tails or if I get to experience some sugar and spice and every thing nice!!
The worst part is, everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to find out. Um, hi, do you know me?? The thought of waiting the whole 40 weeks and being surprised could never even exist in my world. Yeah, I know there are so few true surprises in life and yada yada.... I have heard that so many times, and to those of you who waited, kudos. You are given Mother Theresa status in my mind.

I had full on conversations with Nathan when he was in the womb and it didn't feel right to me until I knew I was talking to him. I don't like calling my growing child baby or it. I just need to feel the connection. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't my need to name him right away. The poor kid didn't have a name for 2 days after he was born because daddy and I couldn't agree on anything.

So my question is, what are your thoughts on life's one true surprise? How many of you waited to find out until you delivered. How in the world did you stand the suspense and did you give your baby a nickname like peanut or something to avoid calling them "it"?? I also set up a poll in my sidebar so check it out. i want to see what your guess is. Please indulge me. This will help distract me for the next 8 weeks until I can find out!!


  1. Well, I don't have any kids yet, but I KNOW that I certainly could NOT wait!! I'm too much of a planner and it would drive me crazy not knowing.

  2. I was determined to wait; but couldn't handle the suspense.

    When I was about 10 weeks along, the doc couldn't find her heartbeat with the doppler. So, with a heavy heart, we went for an ultrasound. Much to our relief and delight, he had been unable to track her heartbeat because she was so active. We watched this little blob turning sumersaults! From that day on, her nickname was (and is) Wiggleworm.

  3. Oh, the suspense! WE did NOT wait until birth to find out...No way! We wanted to know, too! My sister-in-law waited for all 3 of her kids and it drove ME crazy not knowing! LOL! I hope it goes fast for you, and you are feeling great!

  4. patience...i think i've heard of it.

    no...i couldn't wait. nearly killed me waiting 20 weeks...i can't imagine waiting until 40.

    although, they couldn't really tell when i was prego with lily. the lady didn't like to guess...she liked being right. but, i told her that i would die if i didn't know...and that she would die, if she didn't tell me her thoughts. she said, "if i was being forced to guess...which i kinda am...i would say a girl. but, i'm not sure." i decorated everything for a girl and just crossed my fingers.

    ask natey...he'll tell you. my oldest told me that it was a girl when i was prego with lily. then, told me it was a boy when i had jack.

    personally...i can totally see nate being a big brother to a little girl...don't know why...i just do!

  5. I saw your comment somewhere today and I loved your blog name SO much I came over to say hi : )

    I wouldn't be able to wait. It's just so exciting! And the clothes are SO compelling. I wouldn't be able to refrain : ). Good luck!

  6. AHHHHHH!!!!
    How did I miss that post?!?!

    Congrats! How exciting!!!

    PS - I hope it's a girl!

  7. We did find out w/Drew and I was def one of those people who couldn't understand how anyone could stand not knowing. I will say this though...after reading some of the stories from other mothers, I told Jon that IF we decided to have more kids, I might just be content knowing that he/she was healthy. My mom didn't find out with my sister (who is now 14) and I'll admit that it was pretty exciting being in there when she was born and hearing "IT'S A GIRL!"

    But then again, I prob wouldn't be able to wait! I would do one thing different though if we decided to find out-- thought about having them write it on a piece of paper and then opening it when we were alone to make it more special!

    That's funny that Natey didn't have a name for a couple of days. I thought we were bad b/c we were still deciding on the way to the hospital!

  8. It was impossible to wait with either QB1 or QB2...both those little stinkers had their legs spread and could not have been any prouder...I think that a blind man would have been able to see that we were having boys...Yes, I admit, it sort of took the element of surprise out...but, on the flip side, we were able to pick out names and begin calling them their names right away...;)

  9. We found out with our first, which was a good thing because I just "knew" the baby was a boy (and even referred to said child as he/him), as it turned out she was very much a girl. We were surprised with our second just because we wanted to experience both sides, and I have to say the whole surprise thing is overrated. The birth is a miracle whether you know the gender or not and the surprise wears off pretty quickly anyway. It's not like I look back on her birth and think "Wow, I'm glad I waited to find out she was a girl." What we should have done was found out the gender, but told everyone else we didn't know.

  10. I told you before, and it confirms we were seperated at birth, but there was no way I could wait. It was hard enough to wait 20 weeks. And why should I wait to know what I'm having when the tech and the dr. already know what I'm having. With modern technology as it is, there is no suprise there anyways.

  11. I didn't find out the sex with either of my kids, and it was HARD! It was such an amazing surprise in the delivery room, and we will definitely wait for the third as well. I don't have any problem with others finding out...I think it's a miracle either way...actually I prefer my friends/family to find out the sex so I don't have to wait!
    We had a few nicknames for my son when I was pregnant, but I referred to Lexie as Baby Bean, The Bean, and Bean from the day I found out I was pregnant. We still call her those nicknames, along with Lexie Bean and Miss Bean.
    I know people say that you can't bond with the baby if you don't know the name and the sex, but that really isn't true.
    I can't wait to hear what you are having! ;)

  12. I thought that I would be able to wait...Joe really wanted a girl so I thought I should find out. I just imagined giving birth to my little Jordan and the Doc saying "It's a boy!" and then Joe would scream, Damn IT!! Not a good way for a child to start his life.

    But instead of being able to wait until the ultrasound appt, I scanned myself one night while I was on OB call.

    Patience isn't one of my virtues either!

  13. I found out with all three. Even though I didn't trust it the first time around when they said that Reagan was a girl. I bought nuetral nursery bedding. She had a name as soon as we found out. Then with each subsequent pregnancy since I was high risk I had 3-D ultrasounds. We found out Kennedy was a girl @ 17 weeks and she also had her name (first name at least) from that day on. Then when we found out jack was a boy @ 18 wks. We automatically knew his name because either one of the girls would have been Jackson if they had been boys. We picked out his name while we were still dating!

  14. Congrats on the pregnancy! I insisted we had a name for my daughter before we went into the hospital to have her. And with my son, I didn't give hubby a choice. He had a name before he was concieved... :)

  15. Congratulations! How exciting! I am terrible at keeping secrets and there was NO way that I could wait to find out the sex. I refused to refer to my kids as "it." And I wanted to have a name picked out...boys names are hard. I didn't want to pick one out if I didn't have to. Sure enough I did. And it took the ENTIRE time with Tyler. We were still debating his name at the hospital! LOL!

  16. People that wait to find out are sadistic.

    I like surprises, too. Yk when I'm surprised? At the U/S when they tell me the sex of the baby. HA!

    How else am I supposed to shop?!?! Hell-O??

  17. Congrats! :)

    I'm in week 25, and for whatever reason I enjoy the suspense of waiting until the end...thankfully hubs and I agree on this one, because I don't know how a person would go about negotiating a resolution on this issue if they didn't agree!

    That said, I get a lot of "aren't you going to find out? why not?!?"

  18. OH no, I'm exactly like you. It's still a surprise, no matter when you find out. Although, I have to say I had correct hunches both times. Interesting, huh?

    I'm so excited for you!!!

  19. I cant wait until you get your Vlogemotions post up! Your late sis! WTH?

    I also cant wait until we get the shirt you made for Will.

    Happy Mothers Day Kam!!

    Love and Prayers,


  20. Okay - this is NOT going to help you at all...

    I was so impatient, I actually bought the Baby Gender Mentor kit and actually TESTED to find out if Itty Bit was a girl or boy at 8 weeks along. And they were right.
    (Though I somehow already knew we were having a boy).

    It cost me all of $300, but was worth every penny, because I totally *got* that connection thing you were talking about - when you know if it's a boy or girl! :)

  21. Whoa! I'm a little slow at checking in here! But hey congrats on number 2 - a little late!
    We didn't find out with either of ours. I liked the suspense and the surprise part seemed to help me get through the last month of being huge and uncomfortable.
    I think I kind of knew with Miles though because he was really rocking and rolling in there. His kicks would shake the whole bed!
    Hope you get a girl this time.

  22. Heidi sent me over. . . Congrats on your pregnancy! I was wondering who it was posting secretly on her post. :)

    I waited with mine, all 3. It was neat for us when we found out when they were born. And we don't have a gender preference, so it really wasn't that big of a deal. But, I am glad the ultrasounds are (fairly) accurate so that others can find out. A good IRL friend is pregnant and I can't wait to find out her baby's gender! :)


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