Thursday, May 14, 2009

Opinions please

So Aaron calls me at work today and says, "Do you think you could make Nathan's birthday invitations today so we can mail them out tomorrow?" I'm sorry, what?? I do have to do a little thing called work when I'm at work, so I snottily nicely told him no, but I would get to it tonight. Now, I might be able to sew, but honestly I am not that creative. It really takes me much time and effort to pull what tiny amount of creativity I may have out and get it to make sense.

Here is the first draft of Natey's invitation. Please give me any advice or constructive criticism if you think it can be improved.

Keep in mind that our address will be under the date, I just left it off of this version for obvious reasons! I need to order them tomorrow so gimme your thoughts, and in Aaron fashion, I need them now! ;o)


  1. I think it is purr-fect just the way it is.

  2. That is soo funny! I love it! ;) Great Job Mommy!!!

  3. Very cute - and very creative!

  4. looks great to me!

    looks even better considereing it was done in "aaron time"!

    happy, happy friday!

  5. Very cute! Love the dinos!

  6. Super cute! Perfect just the way it is!

  7. I really like it! Did you make it from scratch? I've got to come up with something for Drew's so any tips would be appreciated!!

    And no on the highlights...not today at least!

  8. FYI...i use this website ANY time i'm planning a party. here's the link to dinosaur ones specifically:

    people write in with what they did for parties, games, food, invitation ideas and wording.

    there are some friggin awesome ideas here! i never plan a party without it!

  9. I love it the way it is - truly.

    I found another possiblity for wording on a website that had 2nd B'day party invitations - that is, if you feel compelled to play with the wording (but not sure you would have the room):

    A dino-mite party for a dino-mite kid
    Come help us celebrate - You'll be glad you did!

    Regardless, I love the invitation, and especially that it was made by you.

  10. Ok, miss crafty, where/how'd you make those??? I love them!!! Simply adorable. I wouldn't change a thing!

    Love that it was Aaron who asked for them. Boys. Ugh. : )

    And love your new Etsy shirts!! You've really been working, girl!

  11. Dude...I am a bonehead...the LINK for the Secret is:

    Go check it out!!! ;) No more secrets...MY BAD!

  12. It looks grrrr-eat!

    And you might want to check out our blog :)

  13. I think you did perfect! For such short notice you really did whip up a great invite. No way I could have came up with something so creative in such little time. You have skills woman! :o)

  14. That is too cute! I love it!


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