Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paint by number

15: the number days until my baby boy turns 2 years old.

32: the number of days until I find out the sex of baby #2

24: the number of dollars I left as a tip last night to complete goal #63- leave a 100% tip for excellent service

12: the number of days until our 3rd anniversary

120: then number of dollars I spent last night when my friend had to stop at Target after our gym trip. Damn you Target, why do you always have things that I want and "need".

11: the time Natey and I are supposed to meet my parent's club group at Peckham farm...crud, better get movin!!


  1. Way to go on your 100% tip!!! That is awesome!!! ;) Love that little post!

  2. A parent's club?! How fun!! You have to tell me how Peckham farm is...I was reading about it the other day and it looks like a pretty cool place, I really want to check it out!!

  3. That must have been some great service!!

    Are you going to share your baby news??? How exciting for you!

  4. I can't wait to hear what baby #2 is gonna be either. I know you would never delet me on purpose...thanks for letting me know:)

  5. I love your paint by number post....might have to steal that idea sometime.

    You are keeping up on your 101 goals - go you! I've been slacking a bit, as I have on just about everything lately...ughh!

  6. You have a lot of exciting things coming up! ;) That's awesome about the tip-I'm sure that server was extremely happy and surprised!

  7. Sounds like your going to have a busy month of parties!!

    So, I seriously had a dream last night that you, Natey, Heather, and Aidan came to my house and I was so excited but bummed b/c I didn't know you guys were coming so I had to leave and go to class?? I read both of your blogs right before I went to bed last night so I guess that is where it came from!

  8. Do you know that I had a dream about Target last night. I know it is a funny thing to dream about, but you try living in South Korea for a year...

    I was standing in the main aisle with red shopping cart filled to the brim with clothes and toys and goodies, skipping along smiling a huge satisfied grin!

  9. That was so sweet of you to leave that type of tip and accomplish one of your goals. I bet you made that server smile from ear to ear.

    Damn you target! It's the devil.

  10. I like this post. :-) I can't believe B is gonna be 1 in 11 days. And Nate will be 2 - yay! Birthday buddies. :-)

    Yay you on the 100% tip - you rock!


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