Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Names

I am obsessed with baby names. It was very hard when we had Natey because I wanted to give him a more unique name and my hubby just wasn't having it (Nathan didn't even have a name for 2 days after he was born because we couldn't agree!!!). I've decided with this baby that I will fight a little harder to get what I want.

As you can imagine, growing up a Kameron wasn't always easy. I have to spell my name every time and I often get mistaken for a guy. I even got sent a notice from the government after my 18th birthday that I hadn't registered for the draft!Ha! But even with a bit of teasing as a kid, I love my name now and am glad that I haven't ever met another girl with my exact name.

So, I need your help bloggy friends. Throw your best names at me! Since I won't know until the end of the month what I'm having gimme boy and girl name ideas! Just don't go all Sarah Palin on me 'cause I am so not naming my kid Trig or Track.

Ha, check out what my name would have been if I were Sarah Palin's kid:
Spackle Camshaft Palin

I got a kick outta that, now you go try it!


  1. Had I been drinking something, I would surely have spit it out all over my keyboard laughing at you with that last sentance. :)

    I, of course, like names that not everyone has....but I hope not to go off on such a crazy level that people would think "What the hell was she thinking".

    Here are my favorite name resources (not the typical

    1.) I love going back to the late 1800s and early 1900s to check out names here.

    2.) Hasn't been updated in 10 years, but it's fun for looking through...

    I'm happy to consult with your baby-name choices :) Hehehe! That's one of my favorite things to do....I think I started picking out kid names when I was 16!

  2. :) I know what you mean about names... My daughter always gets mistaken as a Kaitlynn- but her name is kaelyn... how do they get that maessed up.. who knows?!
    Girl names: Maleigha-Alyssa-Marissa
    Boy names:Logan-Hunter-Gage-Byrson-
    Thats all I can really come up with now... Wish you LUCK!

  3. I like unique names too.
    Girl-Braylnne, Brenna, Dakota, peyton, Kirsten
    Boy-Jack, Cole, Graham, Nolan
    That's all I got for now. Boy...why can't I think of any?

  4. I have been reading your blog for a while but I havent commented ever. I also love baby names. So here are a few....

    Liam Wyatt
    Grayer Matteo
    Noah Torin
    Keiran Ian
    Julian Hudson
    Cazden Graham
    Emory Griffin
    Auden Forest
    Korbin Finley
    James Dezi

    Avery Libby
    Harper Rory
    Harlow Liliana
    Shiloh Paige
    Nevaeh Sidney
    Miriam Reagan
    Frances Phoebe
    Ainsley Olivia
    Charlee Zahara
    Aubree Josephine

  5. I love baby names! My hubby and I started picking them out when we first started dating. Obviously we went with the presidential theme... Had I had my way I always loved Parker for a boy and Paxton for a girl. I know it sounds strange, but I read it in a Danielle Steel book of my mom's when I was young and loved it from then on. Unfortunately our last name starts with a P and Chris didn't want the kiddos getting teased for be P.P. (peepee) I thought he was crazy but I relented.

  6. I loved the social security website that Brooke mentioned b/c it gives you an idea of what's popular. I would think I had a really unique name only to find it was more popular than I thought. Not that Drew isn't popular, but it's not top 10 or anything (although Andrew is #12...).

    My fav boy name was Ryker, but Jon wouldn't go for it. I also liked Kanin/Cannon but I wasn't sure how I would spell it.

    We never really looked at girl names, but Kamryn was on my list :o)

  7. I actually know two girls named Kameron! My parents had the fabulous idea to spell my name with an f instead of the traditional ph. Of course, I spend my life correcting the spelling!
    My husband and I are already discussing names for our third. Dylan was the only boy baby name we could agree on and we had Lexie's full name picked out before we were even engaged. The nickname came later.
    For the third, DH likes Holden for a boy and Shiloh for a girl. I like them,
    I love Liliana or Lilia (nn Lily) for a girl. I will fight for that name! I also like Arabella and Vivienne.
    For boys, I love Caden, Logan, Evan, Westin, Andrew (nn Drew).
    There's more on our "official" baby name list but those are favorites.

  8. Haha I checked out that website... my name (using my full name) was "Bigger Channel Palin" and "Mustache Warthog Palin" (using just first and middle).

    I have no unique names for you! My names are ALL common... I just can't get myself to like the unique names. Well, I like them, but they just don't go with Stoker! Of course I would've liked something more unique than Aidan, but once we talked about it, we couldn't get it out of our minds. I HATE that it's #1!! And I wish there was only ONE spelling!

    I think you can find ALL these names in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog! : )

    Lillian (WAY too popular, but it was my grandmother's name)


    Can't wait 'til the end of the month!!

  9. i thought my kids names were pretty uncommon when i named them...but, i'm finding out i they're a little more common than i thought. it sucks!!!!

    sooo...boy names, even though i want you to have a girl...

    knox (i've always loved this name...even before it was a brangelina moniker...i went to school with a knox and loved it then)
    beck (is that too sarah palin?)


    elanor (ella...ella...ay...ay)
    harriet (hattie)

    it's too early...i got to fire up all my engines before doing stuff like this!!

  10. TOTALLY forgot about your last name...

    new list...





    those work a little better!! the others were too "white"!!!

  11. You know I'm going to bust out nothing but the B's right.... ;)

    Brittan, Brannigan, Brice

    Brenna, Briann, Becka.

    Good luck darlin.. Once we all find out what your having I'm sure if you do this again we will hook you up with more fabulous names! I'm loving all the ones listed above.. Great ideas girls!

  12. Nice! I would've been Shove Maggot Palin!

    I like Nathan, if we would've had another boy he probably would've been Nathan Samuel.

    I like classic names but also like unique names (not going as far as Sarah Palin though).

    Our rule was it had to be a good name for a kid and still fit when they were old. That's my only advice, I haven't had to think about baby names for a long time!

  13. Just did my "Palin" name...
    Blitz Harden Palin -- lol!

    I can just hear it, "Yeah, Blitz, got totally blitzed last night!"

  14. Me AGAIN! I'm loving that website and couldn't resist...Drew would have been-
    Thump Hummer Palin!

    Funny stuff!!


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