Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A letter to my husband

When we met that night, I wasn't looking for you. Or at least I didn't know I was. You never imagine you will meet your future husband in a casino bar, but there you were, waiting for me. Your sparkling brown eyes and genuine smile drew me in and, little did I know, we'd be inseparable from that day on. Eight days later when you made me dinner on Valentines day, I knew I wasn't letting you get away. I mean, come on.... pasta with homemade pink vodka sauce complete with blanched Roma tomatoes, lobster tails and shrimp????!!! I thought all sauce came from a jar before I saw that. Oh yes, I was keeping you.

We had many adventures during those young and carefree days. Among my favorites was our trip to San Fransisco and the drive back to Vegas in the convertible. Stopping at Half Moon Bay, buying strawberries from the side of the road and driving with the top down and our hoods on. People thought we were crazy, but we didn't care.
We survived our time in Vegas. We laughed, cried, tanned, partied like rock stars, hit a few jackpots, managed to get me graduated, got engaged and high tailed it outta that place.

Somehow you convinced me to move all the way across the country where we started the next chapter in our lives. We got married, got pregnant, bought a house, had little Natey, and got pregnant again...all in the span of 3 1/2 years.Thank you for being the best
partner in crime
fixer of things
make me smile when I'm pissy
a girl could ever ask for.
Happy Anniversary Aaron. 3 years down and only 50 some odd more to go!
I love you!


  1.'re so sweet! I love all of the pics -- it seems like we don't get to see much of Aaron on your blog! And what a pretty bride you were :o) Happy anniversary!!

  2. Happy Anniversary you two...what a sweet letter togive him! And thanks for sharing your story and pics! I loved it!

  3. Awesome post...congrats again!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet, sweet post. You can definitely tell through the pictures that you love each other very much (the eyes tell all). And my favorite picture is of him kissing your forehead and you looking at the camera. So sweet. Enjoy the day!

  5. Awww,
    Happy Anniversary. You two are so cute. I love that story. Thanks for sharing.
    May you have decades more of happy years.

  6. Very sweet post! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Talking about ME getting all sappy and stuff! This was wonderful Kameron. I love all the pictures from a moment in time. I wish you guys a lifetime full of love, memories and happiness.

  8. AWWW Kam this was soo sweet! Congrats to you!

    I will have those pics of Will in his shirt soon. I just keep forgetting to take them. Carey just loves it!

    Love and Prayers,


  9. Awww! That was so sweet!! Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Kameron! ;-)

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What an awesome post. I love to hear stories like this!

  11. That was soo freaking cute...and now I am crying...I love it! Adorable photos of you and you make the best couple ever!!!

  12. How sweet! Happy Anniversary! :)

  13. You two are such a beautiful couple and suit each other to a "T". Wishing you many, many years of happy, joyous days. Love you, Aunt Kat.

  14. Aww! How very sweet! Love all the pictures (you were a beautiful bride, by the way!) Amazing how life can change in just 3-1/2 years, right?

    Can't wait to read about the next ones! :)

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