Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday- wedding weekend edition

I have been really bad at participating in the not me madness.You know you've been slacking when one of your IRL friends says she misses the posts! This one's for you Ariana!! ;o) If you want to play along visit MckMama for more not me action!
I did not get the least bit irritated when my hubbs spent the whole morning cleaning out his truck so we could drive it to the wedding, only to lock his keys in the ignition. When I asked him where the spare set was, he did not reply that they were also IN the truck. WTH??

I did not practically beg my hubby to leave his friend's wedding early (if you can call 9 pm when the wedding started at 2:30 pm early) because I was bored. That would be selfish and have nothing to do with the fact that watching people do the chicken dance and YMCA while sober is not all that exciting.

Since Natey had a sleepover with his bestest bud (and his mom, my bestest bud) we would not have woken up at 8am Sunday morning and called it "sleeping in". It is not completely pathetic that we can't even sleep in when we want to since we are used to getting up so dang early every day.

We also spent the morning time we had minus the toddler craziness lying in bed lounging around, not speed cleaning our house while we didn't have to keep one on on the boy and the other on what we were doing. That would be lame and we are certainly not lame!

I certainly did not get puked on by Natey when he woke up from his nap in a frenzy and choked on the snot he created by crying so hard. I am totally aware of the cues he gives before he pukes and it did not happen to me....again. Seriously. Why does he always puke on me?


  1. I love going places early, it is more interesting than anything going on at home!
    Sleeping in till 8? That is perfectly heavenly!!

  2. I would love to be able to sleep till 8am too. Oh and I found you through Sara :)
    Great Not Mes!

  3. I can't believe your hubby locked both sets of keys in his truck. Oops!
    I always seem to speed clean the house instead of doing something fun, when I'm childless.

  4. Hope the wedding couple doesn't read your blog!!! But they'd have to admit that it IS pretty boring when you have to stick with 7-up. : ) Now I just need to see a pic with your new dress!

    And way to go, Natey, for aiming at Mom, AGAIN. Geez, kid!

  5. Ouch! Seems like the kiddos with the upset tummies always aim for mommies!

  6. Seriously on the keys? OMGosh. that is kindof comical.
    Sorry about the throw up. Yuck.

  7. It's funny what you actually do when you have "free" time away from the kiddo, isn't it?


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