Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I haven't been playing along like I used to. I was so dedicated, so ahem,obsessed for a while with the not me madness. I think it lost some of it's luster for me when too many people began playing along. I used to be able to sneak though a bunch of random people's posts but now I look at the Mr.Linky and don't even feel like bothering. Where do I start?? How do I know if they are going to be funny? Oh well. I will throw my hat in again this week, but I make no promises of consistency. Ok people...
I did not have the best intentions of leaving at 8:30 on Saturday morning to take 2, 2 year olds to ride on Thomas the train only to realize it took me twice as long to get 2 kids fed, dressed and packed than it does with one. We were not sprinting out the door at 9:30 to make our scheduled train at 10:50. I did not drive 80 miles an hour with my hubby and 2 toddlers in the car. That would be irresponsible. The freakin gas light didn't come on when we had about 30 miles to go before we arrived. I am not so OCD about running out of gas that I had to stop just in case. We did not manage to get there and sprint to the train with 2 minutes to spare. Nope, pregnant me was not running with one toddler on each hip while my gimpy knee'd hubby brought up the rear!
I did not make breakfast sausage only to realize after we were finished eating that the package said to use 3 days after opening. It was not a week since we used the first half of the package. I did not get my payback as my son said he was "tootin" only to find feces on my carpet 5 minutes later. I did not have to rush him to the bathroom and clean him off and then scrub the heck out of said spots on the floor.

I am not off for an entire week while my hubby has to work and my boy goes to daycare. I am not gloating a little at my free time. I am not a little peeved that my free time isn't exactly free as I have to sew myself into oblivion for my upcoming craft festival. I am not sitting here writing this post when I should be sewing either. Nope, not me.

This morning when I dropped my boy off, I did not stop and get an iced coffee and a donut. I so didn't think my hubby would be gone by the time I got home and, when he wasn't, proceed to hide the donut in my purse so he wouldn't see it. I am not licking the last remnants off of my fingers as I type one handed either!!

I am not so excited that, in exactly 28 hours and 40 minutes I will know the sex of baby #2. I am not going to host a giveaway tomorrow morning either to celebrate!!!


  1. I would yell at you to get sewing...but as I type I am hiding upstairs while my boys play downstairs so I am not one to yell at anyone about anything!!!

    I won't even tell you how many donuts/m&ms/diet cokes I have had to hide from my hubby!!!

    Can't wait to find out!!! I am thinking pink for you....oh but should things go blue don't be surprised to find me on your doorstep in the near future with very large bins full of boys clothes that I can't use anymore!!

  2. You are hilarious with your scootin and poopin droppings on the floor, sneakin doughnuts in your purse and running with two kids on your hip! I laughed so hard! Great not Me's Kam and I have my fingers crossed for you tomorrow my love!!

    SO EXCITING!! I'm going to be watching Twitter like CRAZY

  3. Phew! Glad you made it to the Thomas train ride on time! Yes, getting 2 kids out the door takes a lot longer! It's been over 2 years for me, and I've yet to figure it out!
    Sorry about the poop incident. Hope you got it out of the carpet! That's why we have all hardwood, lol!
    Enjoy your week off, even if you're spending it sewing.
    Had to laugh at you hiding your donut-I have done the same thing!
    Can't wait to hear the news!!!!

  4. Don'tcha love that sneak peek to life with TWO kids on each hip??? Luckily you won't have two toddlers! I can't freakin' believe you have a day left. Oh man, I'm dying for the post!!!!

    Love the "feces" on the ground story... and yes, that word does make it sound even MORE disgusting! I'm horribly OCD about expiration labels and have gotten Chad in on it. I've caught him pouring out milk the day after. heehee

    Yeah, I think you're right about the wedding theme being for professionals. Wish they were judging the Just for Fun category! : ) OH, and my boy is becoming less and less chill, just so ya know.

  5. Can't wait to hear the news of it's going to be pink or blue!

    I hide my Starbucks stuff from my hubby too!

  6. that is too funny how you hid your doughnut in your purse... crazy funny. oh and if you think it's hard to get 2 two year olds fed and out the door... wait until you have your little one... that's even harder (o:

  7. I totally hide my iced coffee from my hubs all the time and from the kids. It is harder to hide though than a donut. I eat that before even getting home. LOL
    Good luck with the sewing.

  8. I can't wait to hear the sex of baby!! I am so excited to hear! Have had fun sewing today? I have been reading your twitter updates!

  9. 2 2 year olds? That's like herding kittens.

  10. i LOVE that you hid your donut from your husband! that's so great!

    and where is this train at?! my son would love that!

  11. I am LMAO at the doughnut thing. I would so do the same thing, lol. Can't wait to find out what the baby is!!!

  12. I am still uncontrollably laughing at the hiding your donut part!

    And did Natey warn you about the spots on the carpet? You know... in his cute little way like on the video? :)

    Congratulations on your GIRL news! I had a feeling it would be bows in your future and I'm so thrilled for you guys!


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