Monday, June 22, 2009

Pip pip cheerio!

If anyone has any idea why I named my post that, you win a mystery prize. :)

Anyway, on with the post! Saturday was a day of many activities. Too many things to cram into one day. It was fun but exhausting! We went to pick up Natey at the grandparents house and then off to the mall for my lovely last minute shopping. Hey, I work and have a two year old. When the heck do I have time to get to the mall?? What? Don't use the lame lecture that I have known about this for, like, 2 months. It doesn't work on me. I digress... I got the present, oh and my sassy tea party hat (on an awesome sale) and it was back home to get dressed and ready for our friend Tina's Victorian Tea party bridal shower!

I love that everyone got so in to it and only a couple of girls came hatless! I felt like I should have been going to the Kentucky Derby in my awesome hat! It was so funny to see people's reactions while I drove to the party. I almost want to rock that hat all of the time so people will wonder why the heck I have it on!
Tina was actually the first friend of Aaron's I met when we lived in Vegas. She came out with some of her family and we all hung out. You'd think meeting a friend of your boyfriend, a girl, a pretty one, that he's known since middle school would be a little awkward, but I loved her instantly. She is one of the most awesome girls I have met out here in 'lil Rhody. I was so happy to be going to her bridal shower. This girl is great, not to mention wicked funny, and I'm so glad she's found her other half!!
"Hey Tina, member that time I saw you, memba??"
I still pee my pants to this day when I think of that drunken conversation!

Congrats girlie and we can't wait for the wedding.


  1. What a cute blog....Enjoyed reading your blog tonight.....I love finding new blogs...Had a little time to blog hop tonight while waiting to go to the hospital and welcome a new grandson tomorrow. This month I am posting about our Disney trip, plus a great giveaway.

  2. cute...what a fun themed bridal shower!!! Love the hat.

    As for the title...I know Pip Pip Cheerio is British...I'm just guessing it goes with your "british" style tea time?

  3. Isn't that what Mary Poppins said when they go have tea with the drunk uncle?

  4. What a fun party! I loved looking at all the cute hats and dresses. I bet it was even better in person and not squinting at the screen!

  5. I want to go to a party like that so I can squeeze into a fun sun dress with a big ol' hat! Too cute Kam! You look marvelous! :o)

    Ok, my guess is totally off the wall but I say the title is something lil Natey has said when maybe he is dipping his cheerios into something like milk?

  6. The urban dictionary says your title means "Good bye in british," like toodle-loo!

    Love the hat -- you look great!

  7. you look smashing in that hat!! LOVE IT!! you SHOULD wear it all the the gym, to the store.

    as far as "pip pip" it cuz you're leaving? going on a trip? are you leaving town? are you leaving the country? are you a fugitive from the law? did you kill someone??? are we ever gonna see you again?

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