Friday, June 12, 2009

The stars are stacked against you girl, get back in bed

So, the vlogemo will have to wait for tomorrow.

Some husband, who shall remain nameless, left our camera at his friend's house on Thursday. So much for getting my post up on time.

I made a video of an extremely ornery cute and squirmy child tonight after dinner and was about to upload it when said nameless husband objected.

He didn't want everyone to see our hooligan angel looking anything but perfectly behaved. His words, "No one wants to see him being a brat".

Huh??? Should I tell him the kid will only be 2 tomorrow, or do you want to?


  1. If yours (hubby) is like mine (hubby) you will still be reminding them that high energy and "bratiness" is part of being 2, being 3 and I am sure we will have to remind them that they were (more than likely) 10 times worse and they should be grateful ours are so wonderful!!

  2. Awww--- Happy Birthday Natey!

  3. AWW Thats just part of being two. All kids are like that so make sure he knows this next one will be the same way. I think its actually kinda funny at times when they fuss. I say show it. Its the way it is. Will does it ALL the time.

    Love and Prayers,


  4. Happy Birthday to the both of you because it's just as special to you as it is to Nate! This day you brought a vibrant beautiful boy into the world and for that you are amazing! :o)

    Happy Birthday lil Natey!

  5. I am sure it was the cutest thing ever. Can't wait to see his birthday post.
    Happy Birthday Nathan!

  6. Happy Birthday Natey!! It will be so exciting to see the pics from those adorable invites that you threw adorableness!!!

  7. Happy birthday to your precious baby boy!

    I remember those two year old fits, lol!

    I also remember a man in the store asking "Is he hungry? Sick? Tired? Thirsty?" to which I answer "no" to each question.

    Finally the man asked "Well, what's wrong with him?" and I answered (very tiredly, I might add, lol!) "He's two!"

    I used to take a warm cloth and gently rub my son's face with it.....may I add "gently"...hehehe!And talking calmly.

    It did seem to calm him down because boy, nothing else worked.

  8. ooops, sorry, this is me, Nan, posting for the Five Moms!

    BTW, on my personal blog I once did a post on my hubby "cramping" my blog. But it was only because he misplaced the cord I needed to upload pictures, and I told him I was going to blog about it, lol!

    ~ Nan

  9. Oh! I hope he had a wonderful birthday today! And, you know, might as well get used to those ornery pics, right? He is two now!

  10. Happy Birthday to B's birthday buddy!!!

    I have no problem watching it - did you see Corbs yelling at Cara and then spitting in our video? Kids are kids, yo.


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