Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tyler Turns Two

The second event of our crazy busy Saturday was Natey's best friend Tyler's birthday party. Yes, I know 2 year-olds don't really get the concept of best friend yet, but if Joelle and I have anything to say about it these boys will grow up as close as close can be. Joelle and I met in pre-natal yoga and had the same due date. I went a day early and she went 6 days late so the boys are one week apart.

I can see it now. Tyler is the mastermind, quietly plotting away while crazy Natey creates a diversion and they follow through with their little schemes. Then they will both smile with their sweet curls and dimples and no one will believe that they could do any wrong. Oh man, we're in trouble!
The party was lots of fun. The kids played in the grass with bouncy toys, giant beach balls and bubbles. We told Natey to try to catch them with his tongue. He almost did it too!
Since Nate just had his party last week, he didn't quite get why he couldn't blow out the candle, touch the cake or open the presents. Yes, we actually had to restrain the kid when it came time for Tyler to do his cake thing!! Look at his eyes! He really wants that cake. :o)

A few pushes, time outs (um, both on Natey's end, ugh) and lots of good clean fun later the boys were wiped out and needed a rest on Tyler's new bench.
See, they really are bestest friends! Happy Birthday Tyler-doo! We love you buddy.


  1. How cute are they!?! I love his little curls! Now, is she pregnant now too? So you can have double besties?

  2. Your little one is too cute. I have a 2 year old with a bestie too. It's too cute. I love your blog...I'm new figuring out the whole blog world.
    ; )

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm loving that he has a head full of curly hair too! You girls are SOOOOO in for it, I just know it.

    Is that you hold holding him back from diving into the cake? HILARIOUS. He really does have that "look" in his eye like.. "This cake is MINE"

    Great party and sooo sweet that they are so close.

  4. LOVING Natey's face in the next to last pic! And that is so sweet of him to give his BFF a bday hug :o) I hope I survive Drew's party on Saturday...

  5. Saw your comment on another blog and had to stop by and say hello! My son's name is Kameron! Don't see that spelling much! Happy birthday to Tyler! You have a beautiful family! :)

  6. How cute is that!!!! Seriously, my eyes were that big too lookin at the cake. I'm pretty sure your arm would not have kept me out if it. Good thing I didn't go spoilin' a 2 year old's birthday party.

  7. So I actually wandered over to say Thank You, and got caught up with all the pictures of your adventures :)

    I adore that last shot with Natey hugging his bestie. Just adorable!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on Gracie's post. You have a heart of gold and I know you treasure your kiddos... both of them. Still praying for perfect health and an easy delivery of a sweet little miracle!

  8. They're both as cute as can be!!!!!!!!!


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