Friday, July 3, 2009

20 weeks

Alternatively titled: Oh crap is my belly growing fast.

20 weeks with Natey~~~~~~~~~~~~20 weeks with baby girl


  1. Look @ you with your cute self! I carried different with Brea and Brody so yeah - I do see a difference between your growing belly comparisons.

    You look fabulous @ 20 weeks Kam. :)

  2. So glad you posted those, because from all the other pictures I still couldn't tell you were pregnant...glad to see you do have a baby bump.
    You do look great!

  3. Oh a baby girl! Congrats! I don't think you look big at all! By the time I was 20 weeks I was a house! You look great!

  4. b.e.a.utiful!! your bump is even cuter now that it's a girl bump!!

  5. You are SOOOOO cute! Just enjoy your tummy - and the little girl kicking under it :)

  6. You look great in both pictures...I don't think you are that big!!! ;)

  7. Kam, you look terrific!! My cursed belly looks shockingly similar to yours and I am now 18 months and 3 weeks postpartum. Argh!

    That second child really does horrible things to a woman's body but they are so worth it, aren't they!

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

    P.S. Did you take pics of Natey in his sisters BUBBALou Band?? BigBoy actually enjoys being my headband model and I enjoy torturing his daddy! ;)

  8. You're still adorable. shoulda seen me with the 4th kid - I peed on a stick and immediately after my jeans wouldn't fit. POP. ;-)


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