Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gettin Lucky!

Ok people, scoop those minds out of the gutter. Especially you, Nikki and Alicia! I know right where your thoughts wandered! ;o) I have won a few things, via giveaways and the like, in the last couple of months and thought I'd share my booty with the group. Sorry, my choice of words tonight is slightly misleading.
The first giveaway I won was on a site I love called Little Birdie Secrets. They do all kinds of awesome tutorials and they hosted a huge giveaway and I won a custom print from a very talented woman over at Sweet World Photography. Check her Etsy site out because she has a lot of awesome artsy prints!

The second glorious thing I won was a beautiful felt headband from BlogBaby's mommy at Bubbalou bands. I participated in an auction of sorts for a really good cause and I was the winner! I won this before I found out I was having a girl. I looked at the gorgeous felt creations for a month and STILL didn't know what I was having, but I took a chance and picked one of my favorites in hopes I was in fact carrying a darling that could wear it. Low and behold I am, and she is going to look so precious in this (and the many more I plan to but before and after she comes) precious accessory. Oh, and of course I had to try it on Natey. He looked so sweet I left it on him until he started to mess with it and then I rescued it before any damage could be done! Daddy wasn't as amused as I was by the way!
I also won a $20 Amazon gift card from Rachel over at Once Upon a Miracle. I won't call this a giveaway, per say, because I had to really work for it!!! She did a blog trivia post where she asked a million questions about her life that could be answered in previous posts. I got them all right, and even corrected her on the month of one of the posts. Yep, I'm that anal thorough.

I am feeling so lucky at this point, lemme tell you! I just recently won Krissy's giveaway too! She went to Florida on vacation and put together a prize pack from her trip. It included a super cute burp cloth (which I think she added just cause I'm preggers!), a delicious smelling bar of goat's milk soap, a super cute beaded bracelet and some orange gum (not pictured cause I had already busted that yummy goodness open before I thought to take a pic). Check out her blog and her cutie-patootie son Drew. He's only a couple weeks younger than Natey and always smiling!

The last thing wasn't a giveaway, but I have to mention it because I am in love with these shoes! My cousin's wife Heather did a giveaway post that included Pediped shoes. I saw these on the website and fell in love. When she found out I was having a girl she sent them to me and I was so surprised. I love getting things in the mail that I'm not expecting!!

Thanks everyone for all of my awesome loot! Who doesn't love winning things and getting lovely little packages in the mail?? If you answered that question, feel free to kick yourself for me!


  1. Wow, you are getting lucky! Awesome loot!

  2. Holy Crap!!! Lucky you!!! Those are some incredible prizes....

  3. You have been on a winning streak girlfriend. Throw some of that good luck my way.. I've been in a rut with giveaways lately. Speaking of... I just bought some things yesterday for my very 1st giveaway.. SO CUTE that I wanna keep them for myself. :)

    Have a great day sweets!

  4. Ok, how do you get the linkys in your post?
    I can do it but it's a long copy and paste process.

  5. Those shoes! Oh my gosh -- love them!!

    And of couse I love the pic of Natey sporting the headband. I might be guilty of putting clips in Drew's hair at times...

    Glad you like your stuff :o)

  6. Baby Girl is going to be one stylish young lady! Maybe you could win her a whole new wardrobe with your amazing luck!


  7. you are only a state away... wish we'd set up a visit! :)

    and can you pick up a lotto ticket for me too? you are just getting absurdedly lucky lately :)

    (and I loooooove those shoes too!)


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