Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hunting for Treasures

Do you ever feel like you have gotten so behind that it is useless to try to catch up? Like you want to just call a do-over and start from scratch? Me too, but I am way too damn OCD for my own good. I have been frantically reading posts thinking to myself, "Self, are all of these lovely ladies Wonder Woman or something??" How the heck y'all (I stole that from you southern belles) manage to go on all of these adventures, edit and post your photos in a timely manner is beyond me. In my defense I AM growing a person, work full time, AND have an insane 2 year old that doesn't let me even get a breath, so I guess that gives me a little leeway. At least that's what I tell myself. And if you saw my house, I would hope to get major points for choosing to blog rather than clean. There's always tomorrow for that.

I am going to cop out and do a couple weekend posts and then save what I should have written for my Not Me! post (last week because that's how far behind I am) for tomorrow. So here goes...
Saturday I was on a mission. The object of this mission was to go to as many yard sales as possible on our "treasure hunt". That's what I told Natey is was so he would not flip out from being in and out of the car a million times.
Stop laughing at my ambition. Yes, I did get a wee bit excited when I started planning this adventure. I went on Craig's list and looked at every freakin yard sale in a 15 mile radius and then highlighted the ones that sounded the most promising in gray. I mapped them all out by distance away from my house and we headed out with the help of my best car friend, my Tom Tom GPS! I only got about half way through the list and I was disappointed in much of what I saw. I was also ripping my hair out at the two boys I had in tow. Next time I'm rocking this quest alone. They survived 2 hours with me and then I dropped them off at our friend's house while I made 4 more stops by myself. Thank God I did because the last one was a 20 minute quest of looking through bags of baby girl clothes and they would have lasted 8 whole seconds, I'm sure.

Here is a tiny sampling of some of the cute things I found at the last one. I ended up with an entire bag of clothes 0-12 months for $20 bucks! They are all in really great condition and good brands and I got a ton of stuff. Disregard the grape juice stain on my table cloth. Um, I said move on!
Nathan's treasures for the day were 2 Spiderman figurines for 0.50, a standing microphone toy that claps for you and cheers for $2 and this Diego step stool for the bathroom for $3. The lady even threw 2 books in for the same price too!

My tuck and run find (as Raechel would call it) of the day were these 2 bird cages for $6! I am going to incorporate them into the baby's nursery. They are so sweet and whimsical and I am stoked to use them.

I also got a bunch of kids books for 0.50 each and a leather case for my ipod for $2. Mostly I was proud of myself that I didn't give in and buy crap...I have a habit of doing that. I didn't feel the need to buy something at every stop and left quickly to continue my quest if nothing caught my eye. These finds topped off a great Craig's list week, in which we scored a "Best Chairs" brand upholstered swivel glider and a toddler bed for Natey on the cheap. I say it was a good week.


  1. Wow that was an awesome quest! I would so love to go thrifting with you! Those birdie cages will be so adorable in her room...and 6 Bucks! Wow...and what a great deal on all those kiddo books! I'd say you had a good week!

  2. Nice! I adore those birdcages, they are fabulous! The little girl clothes are pretty darn cute too. You just said the reason I haven't been to a garage sale all year- I can't drag the boys in and out of the car that many times!

  3. I've always loved having yard sales, but I've never been to one. I keep saying that one Saturday I'm going to hit them all up and hearing about all of your great finds really makes me want to do it soon! Love the little step stool and baby girl's Christmas wardrobe!

  4. Those bird cages are just the BOMB!!! They are sooo great! And the baby's room will be so cute with those in there...I am also loving that you only paid $6!!!!

    Great Idea. I might be stealing that one soon...Craigs list here I come!!!

  5. WOW you found some great stuff. I LOVE good deals like that. Can't wait to see how you use the bird cages in the nursery.. great idea!

  6. You did great on your garage sale shopping day! Shopping when you find great things is a blast. Shopping when you only find junk all day is a drag. Looks like you had a blast!

    Yah, and I guess growing a person inside of you can get you a little break on blog expectations from others. Although, it should make for some upcoming interesting posts on the excitement of the new baby into your family.

  7. What great finds!! Especially the cute clothes!
    Don't feel bad, I'm ridiculously behind on my posts, too. The only way I get photos edited and posted, is to stay up until 2 AM. UGH!

  8. I love the bird cages! Can't wait to see them in the nursery!

  9. I LOVE garage sales. They are so fun and when you get a great deal it feels so good.
    Those bird cages are awesome. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  10. Who knew that garage sales could be this great? I am coming to your neighborhood the next time I am in search of a great deal. The garage sales in my neck of the woods just don't compare!


  11. I need to go yard sale-ing with you! You SCORED big time! I love the bird cages!

    I'm having a big yard sale here on August 22... wanna come?!?!


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