Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Natey at 25 months

Sorry bud. This is the longest it has taken me to get up your monthly post. In my defense I have been pretty busy lately but I have still been keepng track of your latest and greatest feats!
  • At your 2 year check-up you weighed a whopping 31 pounds even and were 35.75 inches tall. Yup, that puts you in the 75-90th percentile for both height and weight. You're a beast! I can't believe you have gained 23 pounds in 2 years. Then again I'm going to gain more than that in 9 months!

  • You have a memory like a steel trap! You can remember things I don't even think about. It cracks me up, especally when you bring it up in context.

  • You have moved on slightly from Batman. Unfortunatey it is Spiderman that is your latest obsession. Daddy lets you listen to the original cartoon theme song and you know it from start to finish. Some of the words are a little jumbled together but I have to giggle every time you try to say "radioactive blood".

  • You are fully aware of directionality now. You tell me when things are behind you or on your side or mommy's side of the car.

  • You are getting quite the fresh mouth on you buddy. You need to stop telling me and daddy no. At least you feel remorse because your newest thing when I ask you to do something is to say, "No, sorry". Also saying "Go away" and "You bad boy" to everyone in your vicinity is not acceptable ethier!

  • You have been learning to swim in the pool with daddy. Mommy hasn't made it in yet, but maybe this weeked I'll give it a try. You float and kick around the pool by yourself in your innertube and you love it!

  • You are fully aware of your little sister growing in mommy's belly. You still seem to think we should name her "No Hittin" but I'm trying to convince you otherwise! You felt her kick the other day and you were so excited. Let's hope the excitement stays when she arrives!

  • You saw Rachel's dog throw up and announced that "Masey puked up" and then proceeded to say it about every name you could think of. It's kinda gross, bud, but thanks for the running commentary.

  • You have your colors down pat. It makes it easier for me when I ask you to get your orange crocs.

  • You went to the dentsist for the first time this month. You were so good, I was actually surprised. You weren't quite sure about all of the stuff going on in your mouth, but you sat still and the hygenist wanted to take you hom with her, she loved you so much!
  • You are still an excellent eater. It is rare that you wll turn your nose up at anything, especially if mommy and daddy are eating it.

I will continue to watch you grow into a full fledged boy, but not without a heavy heart. Please hold on to your sweetness and awesome sense of humor. I'm pretty sure once you get to school age I will be getting lots of notes sent home about my "class clown". Hopefully with your dimpled cheek, your sweet curls and endearing smile you won't get in too much trouble!!


  1. No Hittin? Now that would be a good name right!! LOL

    Way to go Natey, we are so proud of you buddy!

    Love and Prayers,


  2. These are my favorite posts -- I just love hearing what he is up to!

    So it looks like there is some serious dental work going on! Someone told me they wouldn't do much at the first visit other than count their teeth, but it looks like Natey got a full cleaning and inspection! Glad he was good!!

  3. That is so great! I love that he sings Radio active blood too!!! LOL.

    He is just a cute little guy for sure and to think...the female counterpart is on her piece of advice...start those posts now !!! LOL...

  4. They grow up so fast, don't they?
    I think he needs to have a talk with Lexie about eating food and behaving at the dentist. ;) Way to go, Natey!

  5. That is awesome that he did so well at the dentist. I took mine that young too. Stunt Man is in love with Spiderman and the super heros right now too. Big difference from the girls. Just you wait:)
    Love his curls. Hopefully, baby girl will have curls too.

  6. No hittin...that is too cute! My husband was about the same age when his brother was born and he wanted to name him Popsicle. Fortunately for his brother's sake, they didn't go with that.

  7. He is so darn cute....I really do think he and T would make a great little pair. Not sure if they would object to an arranged marriage :)

  8. see...i told you hattie was a good name for the baby. that's kinda like hittin. natey might like it.

    donnatella no-hittin scampoli...has a nice ring to it!

  9. You go Natey! Look at all the fun stuff your doing and how your keepin your mama on her toes at all times. Love it!

    Hope you guys have a great weekend. Thanks for sweet words on my last post. :) HUGS

  10. I think that it is amazing that you can keep up with all that he is keeping up with!

    I need to do better for Reagan...


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