Friday, August 7, 2009

Curbside Prophet

Oh yes, did I mention I went to go see Jason Mraz the other night?? I love him. I think I love him so much because he is a complete smart ass and it comes through very wittily (is that even a word) in his music. I'm a sucker for clever lyrics and his songs just get me every time.

Of course I attended with, my concert partner in crime, Joelle. I realized I have been to all 3 of the concerts (for my goal #19 of my 101) with her. We went to Coldplay for my birthday in October, Bad Fish (Sublime Tribute Band, coincidentally for Joelle's birthday) and now Jason Mraz. She is just so much fun to go with. Even if she has never heard some one's music she rocks out like it is her favorite band!When we checked to see who was opening for Mraz, it listed K'nan (never heard of him) and Bushwala (didn't know he was still around). We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Bushwala was basically the M.C. and that G.Love & Special Sauce were the main openers! After they did their set, G. Love was in the pavilion signing autographs. While I am all about getting pictures of and/or with people, I am NOT down to wait in a huge line for it. That being said, we creeped around to the side of the table where he was doin his thing and took pictures of him from there.
Between G. Love and Jason Mraz, we managed to use the facilities, snap a few photos and get some beverages before returning to our seats. You will notice the pics of Joelle and I are much more subdued than those from the Coldplay concert where I was not with child and could indulge in numerous a few adult beverages.
The show Jason Mraz put on was nothing short of amazing. I love when an artist is even better live than on their CD. He is so talented that he can sing his older songs to a completely different tune and they still sound awesome! He also has so much fun, which draws the crowd into it as well. He sang Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" and it was funny to see all of the tweens in attendance faces go blank. No matter because all of us "old fogies" were jamming to his rendition! I swear Joelle and I have the best luck too. We already had decent seats and I was stoked because we were right next to the sound guy and I had no one on my right. We were stoked when we thought it was almost over and Jason Mraz left the main stage and popped up on a platform in the sound area right next to us!!! This is the second time this has happened to us. At the Coldplay concert they came into the crowd to play too right next to our section!

The only thing that could have made it better was if their backs hadn't been to us on that platform, but he turned to the side or around often and it was great! All in all we had a blast. The traffic on the way home sucked and I didn't get in bed until almost 1am, but it was so worth it!


  1. Sounds like an awesome time! He was doing a concert on The Today Show this morning, but unfortunately, I had to come to work...darn you work!!

  2. Looks and sounds like you had an awesome time. i love concerts. Haven't been in a few years. I know that is pitiful.

  3. I came across your blog and find it so fabulous! That is so funny, because my sis-in-love has tickets to the Jason Mraz concert in Philly this weekend (actually I think it’s tonight!) Looks like you had a blast!

    I look forward to reading more!! :)

  4. I'm so jealous! I love Jason Mraz. I'm glad you had fun!

  5. Yeah!!! I just think he is the Bees Knees baby! Sooo excited that you got to see him!

    Did he sing the Lucky in Love song? Great tunes and great girls night!

  6. did a great job with those pictures. I always hate the lighting at concerts.
    Thanks for the comment on the 5 moms blog...I go out of my way for the best made coffee too.

  7. I LOVE JASON MRAZ! So glad that you guys had a great time!

  8. That must have been a blast. I love his music. I wanted to see him on the Today show this morning but I had to get going to work. You're a lucky duck!

  9. Can I just tell you how jealous I am of you right now?!?

    I want to see him in concert so bad!

    Looks like a ton of fun and now I need to see if he is going to be in my area anytime soon!

  10. UBER Jealous of how close you were to that cutie! Glad you had a great time and I love your taste in music. :)

  11. Why do I feel like such a lame homebody when I read posts like this?? Do you know the last time I went to a concert?? And only one date night in a year?? We really need to get out more!

    I love Jason Mraz... and love him even more now that I know he's awesome in person. And dang you for accomplishing another goal on your list! You're doing great!


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