Friday, August 14, 2009

Lord, I was born a ramblin Wo(man)

Hi again Thursday. Sorry I only like you because of your fairer sister Friday, that you just happen to be next to. You are starting to grow on me for virtues all your own, such as my ability to ramble when I get past my wordless day. Lord knows I need it after an entire day of being wordless! Phew!
I have hit 26 weeks! Woo hooo! I swear it seems like it is flying on by. I am going to blink and I'll be in the insane pain of labor. Why do I do this with no drugs again?? I have been obsessively tracking my weight this time around (I know, shut up, I'm pregnant) and I am 1 pound less than I was at 26 weeks with Natey. Since I started 2 pounds lighter last time that means I'm 3 pounds ahead! Ok, I'm done with that now. Don't yell at me too much for obsessing!
Natey has been cracking me up lately. The things he says just make me laugh so hard. Well, there is that one thing that he says that I am NOT fond of, yes that's right, my 2 year old says "fuckin' dude". He got it from a slip of the tongue of one of my hubby's friends and I keep trying to correct him by saying, "we say awesome dude, buddy". It is only partly working. Any ideas on how I can fix that because if I discourage it by saying no, he will do it even more. I discovered this when he started calling everyone a bad boy. Ugh. I never tell him that, why does he say it all the time??
Turns out my BFF here in RI was already secretly planning a "sprinkle" for me and she got wind of my shower post and immediately called me asking who wanted to throw me a shower. Had I just not said anything I would have been pleasantly surprised. Oh well, she is excited that I know now anyway!
Natey is 26 months old today. I will have to get a post together of all of his fun new things..minus the sailor mouth. I wonder how long I am going to keep doing monthly updates for him. Does it seem silly? I don't care, it is for me to remember anyway, so if you're bored with them just skip tomorrow's post!!
Yes, I realize it is Friday now. In my defense, I started this post yesterday and then got really busy at work and forgot about it until just now! I don't want to delete it, so oh well!
I got a Blackberry last night and I love, love LOVE it! I don't think I put it down from the minute the hubby gave it to me until I went to bed. I am in big trouble. That thing is addicting!

Gotta assay is almost done and I have just been informed that there are yummy sandwiches left over from a meeting that I have to go snatch before someone else does!! Oh how I love me some free food! :o)


  1. Definitely don't say no or get frustrated. It will become the best expression for every occasion if you do. LOL!

  2. I am just as obsessed with my blackberry and I've had it for awhile now. I love it!

    How exciting to have a "surprise" sprinkle! I'm sure it will be tons of fun!

  3. Okay, what to comment on...I did the same thing with weight when i was preggo. I ended up gaining the EXACT same with both boys!
    Natey is so darn cute!!

  4. Wow seems like time is flying by for this pregnancy. You are getting so close.
    Oh boy, they always pick up the choice words don't they?
    So glad someone is going to have a sprinkle for you. What fun.

  5. OOOOh the sailor mouth! That's a tough one for us sometimes. I have a little story that might help you. My son, who is now 15, used to love to watch all the Rocky movies when he was about 4 or 5. Anyway, one day when he was at the store with my husband, he pointed to something and said, "What the h*ll is that?" Aaron, my husband, was completely taken back by it. He did not scold him or anything. He just kind of ignored it and asked me later where he heard that. Since we did not swear in our family, nor did any of the friends that we hung out with, we narrowed the culprit down to the Rocky movies We figured it was time that he not watch those movies so often. Anyways, I think he said that one more time and that was it. It wasn't something that he heard enough to make it a part of his regular vocabulary. I wouldn't worry about it with Natey either, as long as he is not hearing it regularly he will eventually remove it from the regular things that he says.
    BTW, I love reading the updates on Natey.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  6. I think it's just fine that you are tracking your weight this time around. That way you won't let it spiral out of control like a lot of pregnant women tend to do.

    Ahhh the joys of a potty mouth. I only have myself to blame for that one.. I do my absolute best not to cuss around my kids but sometimes it just slips and Brea repeats it. What worked for us is telling her there are good girl words and naughy girl words and sometimes the ones that mommy says are very naughy (then I pop my own hand in front of her). It worked like a charm, thank god! She now calls me out when I drop the F bomb when driving or when I'm on the phone with a friend.

    You continue to do your updates on Nate dogg as long as your heart desires. We will continue to read them with a smile and chuckle. :)

  7. I got nuthin as far as sailor mouth goes. Have I mentioned that 'shit' was one of the first 5 words for each of my kids? Yeah. Yay me! HA!

    Doin my weekly drive by and catch up - hope your week is grand!


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