Sunday, August 16, 2009

Natey at 2 years & 2 months

Another month under your belt, another monthly update to do for you. You are 26 months old now or 2 years & 2 months to you and me! Sometimes I swear you are closer to three, you are so smart. Your gusto for life and all things boy fill me with laughter at every turn. So what is new this month that has us slapping our knees or dropping our jaws in amazement?

  • You know when we are joking with you. I love that you "get it" now. You crack up and say, "You're kiddin' me!" whenever we're teasing you with something.

  • You actually have preferences when it comes to music now. If I'm playing a song and you don't want to listen, you tell me you, "My no like it. Turn it off, mama". You have taken a liking to a certain kidz bop CD and request "In-denial song" whenever we get in the car. You bop your head and dance in your car seat.

  • Whenever I tell you, "It is", you have to reply with "It's not" while shaking your head no. If you don't agree with something, you are getting very good at vocalizing it! I told you your food was cool enough to eat, you touched it and said, "No! It's not!"

  • When a show or song is done you promptly tell me it's over. If we're watching Nick jr or Noggin, you then tell me what's coming up next.

  • You run like a little tank engine, pumping your arms as you speed along. It makes me laugh every time because of the look of determination on your face.

  • You have started to tell me, "I forgot" when you find something you left behind. I'm not sure if you mean you forgot you left it there or you forgot you wanted it, but it is so cute when you say it.

  • You are sometimes a smarty pants. I told you that if you didn't get your shoes on we weren't going to the park. You proceeded to tell me, "No, you not going". I laughed at you and then we all got in the car. Then you told daddy that he wasn't going. Daddy replied, "If I'm not going, you're not going". The next day on our way to the beach you told me if, "If I'm not going, you're not going. Daddy say that for you!"

  • You have always been a brave little kid but you are getting bolder every day. You surprise me by running into the ocean without hesitation and jumping to us in the pool. You will walk up to anyone and everyone and say hi, you run around like a maniac in the splash pad "squirties" and you go down the highest slides at the park.

  • You are rocking the potty training. You have gone several days (not in a row) with a completely dry pair of undies or pull-up! You still say, "Gotta poop" when you have to pee and tell me you need to do "big poopies" when you have to poop. The funny thing is when you are done going pee you tell me you want to dump the pee pee out, so you know what it's called. Not sure why you say that.

  • You are so sweet to us. Every time I say I love you you reply, "love you too mommy". It melts me every time. When I drop you off at daycare and ask for a kiss when I leave, you always ask for, "hugs too".

  • We've already talked about your future profession as a sailor. Well, you already have the mouth of one anyway. I can't blame you for it, as it is the adults in your life that can't seem to control their tongues. I promise we are all trying super hard buddy and if you will just stop saying, "f'in dude", we'll be good!

  • You know all about your baby sister and are very excited to meet her. Or maybe you are excited because I have promised you a Batman cake to celebrate becoming a big brother. You can thank Joelle since she has offered to make it after she pointed out I will have just had a baby and should probably not be thinking about making a cake! Ha! I always have been a little over ambitious!!

Don't grow up on me too fast ok bud. I am enjoying every little thing you do, but you seem to go at lightning speed. You're still my baby even though you are all boy. Even when your sister gets here, I won't forget that!


  1. what a great post about your little man. I love these. I loved it too when my kids started to get their sense of humors and actually got it when we were kidding too. It is so neat to watch them develop and grow each day. He is precious.

  2. These are so sweet! It will be a great way to look back in a few years. I may/may not have a sailor on my hands as well. Maybe.

  3. awww, sweet...

    jack and natey would get a long well with their potty mouths!

  4. I love these updates. They will be so special for him (and you!) to look back on one day!

    Sounds like you got an adorable, sweet, handful! hehe :)

  5. Ok... love the top picture! Thanks for the birthday wishes... I plan on LOVING my Iphone!

  6. I just love love that you are doing
    Natey. It is sooo adorable and it makes me wish that I had started my blog when my boys were a little younger. I just love the way your write. I makes me laugh sooo hard!!!!

  7. Kameron,
    This post was wonderful. What a fill in on Natey's accomplishments. You are going to be so glad that you are keeping track of all of these things by writing them down. It will help you to remember them so much more. Kinda like a mental picture.
    This was really sweet to read,

  8. Although this age can be quite trying, I love it because of how fast their personalities are developing and what little characters they are becoming!

  9. I would be cracking up all day if Drew said/did some of the stuff Natey does! I'm sure there is never a dull moment in your household. "Big poopies" cracks me up the most!!

  10. Just catching up on your blog... I always look forward to your monthly Natey updates. I'm just loving the way you write - your humor is effortless!! Which, by the sounds of it, Natey is certainly inheriting. That, and a sailor's mouth. : )

    Totally diggin' his clothes... the "ghettoblaster" tee and the swim shorts. What a stud.

    p.s. I got a catalog in the mail today... Mini Boden (I think) - kids clothes, absolutely adorable! Expensive, but the girl half of the catalog was to die for and I wanted to buy it up for your upcoming babe!

  11. These are my favorite! I love writing to my children because they will grow up and know just how much we cherish each and every little thing they do.


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