Thursday, August 27, 2009

O, Canada!

Ok, so it took me a teensy bit longer to get this post up than I thought it would. I guess 5 days isn't sooo bad. Man, I don't know how you talented photoging ladies do all of your editing and get things up with lightning speed!

Anyway, I digress. Last weekend we got away from the hustle and bustle of hot and humid New England and got right into pretty much the same in Montreal! Thursday morning my hubby calls me at work and springs it on me that he wants to go to Canada...and wants me to find a hotel, take a half day, pack and hit the road so we can get there that night! Yikes! I have an obsessive need to plan things and it took every ounce of my spontaneous being (which is probably only about 1 ounce anyway) to agree and make it happen. Needless to say, Aaron was very proud of me and I kinda was too. Don't get me wrong, I still had crazy anxiety about it, but I managed to keep it to myself, for the most part. Natey was an absolute CHAMP on the 8 hour journey! I was amazed at how well he did considering we haven't had him in a car for more than 2 hours since he was a baby.We got in just before 10 Thursday night, got settled into the hotel and rested up for the next day.

Friday we decided to tackle the Botanical Gardens, the Insectarium and the Biodome. We started at the gardens, which are the second largest in the world. We only covered about 1/5 of the grounds in the 2 hours we walked around. We made it through the Rose garden, the Chinese and Japanese garden, and the aqua garden. You could be there all day and literally not get through it all. It was so beautiful. (click on any collages to make them bigger)

After the gardens we went through the Insectarium and decided to save ourselves from Natey's imminent break down, we'd go have lunch, let Natey nap and then come back for the Biodome. Natey slept for 3 hours and we got back to the Biodome with little over an hour before it closed. We had already paid for the tickets that morning, so we made the best of it! It was amazing. I could do a whole post on the Biodome alone! You literally walk into the 4 habitats that they have created. There were giant birds just walking around, not caged! If you ever go to Montreal you have to give yourself a good 3 hours to spend in wonder in there!
Friday night at dinner had the potential to be a complete disaster, but turned out to be better than I could have ever hoped! I will save your retinas and share that in my Not Me! Monday post!!! I know, I'm such a tease, just know that this boy EARNED that ice cream he is so blissfully enjoying!

Saturday we took a horse and buggy tour around Old Montreal. It was gorgeous and all of the old buildings and intricate architecture was breath taking. Natey was getting antsy 30 minutes into it, so our driver let him ride up front. He didn't fuss one more second after that!

When we were finished he even let Natey sit on the horse and he was a happy camper!

Saturday afternoon we met up with a fellow blogger, BabyMama of BlogBaby fame! She is an amazingly talented woman who makes the cutest felt headbands and takes stunning pictures of her own kiddos. She did a photo shoot for us and then we all went out to dinner. I am the worst and am so sad that we forgot to have Aaron take a picture of us at dinner, or at some point in the 6 hours we hung out! I can't wait to share some of her shots with you when I get them back!
Sunday we ate breakfast, walked around some more in Old Montreal and then hit the road and headed home. Minus a few minor pregnancy related hormonal breakdowns, a few toddler freak outs and one slip and fall in the hotel room that tweaked my back, it was an awesome trip!

Here's the proof that baby girl has been out of the country, even before she was born.

Finally (as if this post isn't long enough) I will leave you with a few more parting shots from our wonderful weekend in Montreal. Thanks for having us Canada, and special thanks to the 2 servers who read us the menus...since they were in French and all!


  1. Looks like a fun trip!!! I didn't realize there was so much to do in Montreal (like I said before my only trip to Montreal was new years many years ago....nothing to post about on a family blog ;)

    What program did you use for the collages?

  2. You got some great pictures. Nate is so cute with all that curly hair. YOu are finally looking pregnant in those pictures. is really about time missy. Your family is gorgeous.

  3. Looks like it was such a great trip! Any "Yay!" for being spontaneous. I'm a bit jealous that you got to meet up with BlogBaby AND have your pictures taken by her!! Did you get to meet her adorable daughter? Lucky you!

  4. beautiful! i've never been to canada...

  5. Sounds like so much fun! It's great seeing some pics of Aaron too!

    And oh that curly hair of Natey's -- I wish Drew's would curl up more on it's own. His usually looks best after he's been out in the humidity and is all sweaty! Usually in the mornings it's just a big fuzz ball...not cute!

  6. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Looks like you guys had a great time!!

  7. Great photos! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time! Just wondering, didn't they give you a problem at the border with only a birth certificate? There's been so much in the news about children needing passports to cross into Canada by car, and we got one for our daughter before we left.

  8. It looks like you had a great trip! Way to be spontaneous! The pictures are beautiful. Can't wait to see the pictures BabyMama took!

  9. You captured so much on your trip! Eveyrthing is so beauitiful and I would have been snapping away as well. LOVE the pictures of your family and your baby bump. You can never have too many of them that's for sure. :)

  10. OMGosh - totally jealous! That looks like an awesome weekend! (and I LOVE Natey's shirt... Itty Bit has the same one in orange but I am majorly hearting the green!)

    Love all the pictures and you look GLOWY!

  11. Awesome photos and you are one totally cute preggo!! I'm glad your forced spontaneity worked out so well!!


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