Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Ramblings

Hi my dear friend Thursday. Do you know why I like you?? Well, mostly it is because you are only one day closer to Friday. I feel once I have made it as far as you, my week is almost over and I can start thinking about the 2 glorious days where I don't have to work! I also like you because you have become the day where I can clear all of the random thoughts that are pinballing around in my mind out! That being said, here is your dose of random for the week...

Thanks to all of you who found as much amusement as I do (now, not at the time) in my dress incident! Mostly, I am glad you all love my dress and want to see more of it. The funny thing is, in the 3 years since I have owned that dress, I have worn it 4 times and have 0 full length pictures of it. How on earth is that possible?? I have a seated side view, several pics of the top of the dress and one that is almost the whole thing, but is a print and not in digital form. I decided since the demand is so high to see the dress in its entirety, I will have to take a picture of it to show you...I will try to remember to do that tonight!
I think this pregnancy is flying by. Of course the first 20 weeks until I found out my little she was a, well, she took forever, but now I blinked and am at 25 weeks! While I hope the rest of the time flies by this fast. I am also sad that summer is flying by at lightning speed.
Did any of you feel guilty when you were pregnant with your second child? I have waves of guilt where I seriously cry because Natey's whole world is going to be turned upside down come November. I know he'll get over it, but I never thought I would feel this way about bringing another baby into our family. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy and excited. I am just a little sad for Nathan. He has had us all to himself for his whole life, and now he will have to share. Ok, I sound like a total idiot, but I was just wondering if I was alone in these feelings.
Why is it that I have no motivation to work out this time around?? Last time I was so vigilant! I worked out 5 times a week plus prenatal yoga once a week (starting at 5 months) until the Saturday before the Wednesday Natey was born! This time I have been consistently going at least 3 times a week, but I literally have to drag my lazy butt to the gym. Yesterday I even tweeted for motivation. If Alicia hadn't told me to get off my butt, I wouldn't even have gone. Thanks girl, I did 3 miles because of you! As I type this I am sitting here in my gym clothes. I wore them to work so I would HAVE to go! Ugh.
I will post about the Jason Mraz concert tomorrow. The terrible blogger that I am forgot to bring my camera (WTH????) so I had to wait for my friend Joelle to come over and bring me her pics. I took a couple on my phone but they suck so I'll just wait.
Have a Happy Thursday!


  1. Yeah... can't wait to see the rest of the dress. And as you know, really stylin' outfits can be hard to come by when you're pregnant. So that is totally bonus!

    And I'm guessing you actually had more TIME and ENERGY during your first pregnancy? Ya know, cuz you didn't have a little toddler to chase around? That might have been why you were that woman we all love to pretend doesn't exist (the fit pregnant woman who makes us feel guilty for eyeing that second slice of warm brownie with Breyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream on it. Oh wait. That was only ME?!?)

    I think you look terrific - and if you feel good, then I think you're working out enough to not have to flog yourself over it.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. I just caught up with your dress post, so funny, but I'm sure it wasn't funny for you in the moment.

    I did feel guilty while pregnant with my youngest, and felt like MJ was on the losing end of the whole situation. Fortunately all of that guilt went away the moment I saw my two girls together for the first time. They really are best friends, and I don't know what they would do without each other.

    Now I just have other things to feel guilty about...

    By the way, the beach we were at was Scarborough in Narragansett. I don't know where the funky stench was coming from, but I think we're going to try something different next time.

  3. Those feelings you are having about the 2nd baby are completely normal! Almost everybody I know (including myself) felt that way, but once the baby is born you won't be able imagine life without her!
    Can't wait to hear about the Jason Mraz concert!

  4. I always wondered who came up with the idea of a weekend only be two days?? And while I'm on the subject, why must we be at work for 9 hours of our day??? Anyway...

    I think the fact that you are going to the gym 3x's a week is fab so don't be so hard on yourself. Plus I'm sure running after Natey is giving you extra exercise too!

  5. Can't wait to see more of the dress and I can't wait to hear more about the concert! I am so jealous - I would LOVE to see him in concert.

    My hubby bought me tickets to a concert last year and halfway through the opening act, my camera batteries died. And the ironic part is that I always used to carry a spare set with me and I had JUST taken them out of my purse the day before because they were too heavy to carry around all the time. I spent the entire concert taking them out and moving them around to squeeze in an extra picture or two before it conked out on me again. haha

  6. I would love to see the dress in full length too!

  7. Full Length Dress = DO IT NOW!!!
    Guilt about Natey = Think about all the GREAT things that he is going to be when that baby girl comes...he will be a BIG brother and Yes, it will be an adjustment but one for the better....;) It will be different for sure!
    Jason Mraz - LOVE LOVE him that Lucky in Love song is my FAVE!!!

  8. Your doing much better than me. I'm not doing so well with the exercising. I did good the first half, but now if I do something once a week then I'm doing good. Keep it up!

    I don't know how I missed the dress story the other day. That is too funny! You pulled it off well!

    I'll send you an email with the info from were we bought the camera. Have a good Friday!

  9. Guilt about second baby-yup!
    I cried on the way to the hospital with Miles because I was so sad for Luca. I stressed for days before about how I would say "goodbye" to her when the day came that I would go (I think I was also sad because it was the first time I left her overnight).
    Lately she's been really into her brother so all is forgiven. He is the best gift I could have given her. And I recently realized that when I'm gone they'll still have each other-a little morbid, but I know a little something about feeling lonely after your parents are gone and relying on your siblings for all those childhood memories.

  10. Ok, you need to stop talking about how much you're "not" working out because you're working out more than I am, and I'm NOT pregnant and NOT working full-time and NOT chasing after a crazy little Natey. Well, I think Aidan has become a Natey, Part II, but still. You're doing awesome!!


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