Tuesday, August 4, 2009

True Story Tuesday- Zip, Zip, Hurray!

Ok, I have been wanting to play along with Rachel (and Mr. Daddy) for a while, so I'm going to give it a shot this week.

A few Saturdays ago (yes I am that behind) Liz and I were vendors at the Hot Air Balloon Festival. When we were in the planning stages I realized that I also had a wedding to go to on that Saturday. Liz was super cool about it and said she'd hold down the fort so I could go to the wedding. The wedding was down by the beach and only 15 minutes from the Balloon festival. My house, on the other hand, is 40 minutes away from both. I was so smart and decided just to bring my clothes for the wedding with me. I thought, hey no problem, I'll just change, slap some makeup on and meet the hubbs there. Ah, the best laid plans don't always take into account things like 85 degree days with 100% humidity.

I spent 6 1/2 sweltering hours at the festival, sweating profusely. I hadn't even considered it could be that nasty out. I had planned to just change in my car. What was I thinking??? I was in desperate need of a shower and I was going to just put on my gorgeous silk dress over that funk?? UGH! I needed to get a card anyway, so on the way to the wedding I pulled into a CVS. I carefully folded my dress and clean undies and shoved them in my purse. I made my way to the bathroom and proceeded to give myself a makeshift sponge bath with wet paper towels. Not exactly ideal, but hey, what other choice did I have at this point? I put my dress on and realized that I can't zip this freakin thing by myself. I clasped the little clip at the top of the zipper, zipped it up as far as I could get it with no assistance and shoved my old clothes into my purse. Luckily the zipper is on the side of the dress so I put my purse on that side, held it down with my arm, bought my card and promptly exited the CVS.

Now, at this point I am pretty proud of myself. I managed to get somewhat refreshed. I had my dress on and was meeting my hubby at the wedding. That's when I get the call.... "Honey, I'm stuck in traffic and going to be late. I don't want you to be late for the wedding so just go in without me." Um, I can't zip up my freaking dress without you dear!!!! I pull into the parking lot and at this point, I still have no makeup on. I decide to put it on and wait for him, praying he will get there before we are late for the ceremony. I am OCD and hate being late so I decide to bite the bullet...

There is a female valet and I ask her to come over and help me with my little issue. Could she please zip up my dress. Now, I failed to mention that the reason I can't zip it myself is that this zipper is slightly temperamental. There is a tiny hole that the metal part can get stuck in and yes the girl got the zipper stuck. I'm starting to panic. The zipper is caught and I don't know this girl well enough to scream at her. Just then I see my friend Karen walking down the street. I call out for her, and she comes to my aid. The 2 of them spend the next 10 minutes struggling with the zipper and actually make the hole bigger. Aaron finally arrives and I beg him to come over and fix the problem. At this point the zipper will not go up OR down. He manages to get it down and out of the hole, but now the hole is so big that the zipper gets caught every time he tries to zip it.

Glory, Hallelujah, he finally gets it up...and then it happens...the zipper is so weakened from all of the struggles that it opens from the zipper down. I am practically in tears and yell at him that I am going home and he can go to the wedding without me. He diffuses me and the nice valet girl goes and gets safety pins to help me. We are 10 minutes late for the wedding at this point so I thank her for the safety pins and shove them in my purse, put it on the broken side and keep my arm locked down tight. I am so pissy at this point that I am practically stomping into the wedding, which (oops) has already started. People are staring at me and I bow my head and take a seat.

After the ceremony I grab one of our friends and drag her to the bathroom. She pinned me up and I had to spend the rest of the night ghetto fabulously safety pinned together. Thank God the zipper wasn't on the back of the dress!


  1. lol - that was a fabulous funny story.. and how cool we got photos to boot.!!!

  2. But I've got to tell you, from what I can see in the pic, that is one awesome dress!

    Glad you were able to make it work!

  3. Oh no! What a fiasco! I would have probably gone home, or went to the nearest store to buy a new dress! ;) I hope you ended up having fun, though!

  4. ROTF! That is hilarious!!! Bummer about the zipper...can you get it fixed? It looks like a really cute dress!

  5. That is a hilarious story! The thing is, I can totally see this happening to me!

    Cute dress!

  6. Oh that dress is so pretty!

    Love that you changed in CVS after bathing in the sink with paper towels.


  7. That is too funny. Love the dress color so pretty. You are too much. Thank God for the safety pins:)

  8. Sounds like everyone loves the dress! You should post a shot where you can see the whole thing!

  9. It's gotta be the pregnant boobs! Those never help anything!

  10. Well, it's a very pretty dress - I'm sure no one even noticed! ;)

  11. Oh man...that is a REAL TRUE STORY Tuesday if ever I heard one. I happen to thing that your PReggo ghetto fabulous-ness was awesome...and no one could tell anyways!!! ;)

  12. Oh girlie... I was thinking the exact same thing as everyone else - that tiny little shot of the dress looks AMAZING - would love to see the whole thing!

    And gee - what timing for a wardrobe malfunction, eh?

    Thanks for joining up (and I DO hope you post a whole picture soon!)

    Have a great Tuesday!

  13. Nice! I am liking it, could be a new fashion thing! Not to mention the heat, pregnancy hormones and all else, it sounds like a great adventure!

  14. Great story for your first TST! That looks like a really fabulous dress!

  15. Oh holy hell Kam! For it to be such a beatuiful dress why in the world would they put such a crappy zipper in it? Of all times for something like that to happen huh? At least you were a fabulous sport about it and rolled with it all mcgivered up. Love it! Kudos to you girlfriend!

  16. something for you on my blog!

  17. I found you through Ace and love this story!

    The dress looks fabulous!

  18. Great funny story Kameron! That dress is gorgeous! Love the "built in air conditioning" comment! very funny!


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