Monday, August 3, 2009

Whatta Weekend!!

I have been complaining to my hubby that we need to make the most out of this summer. It is the last few months before we go from a family of 3 to a family of 4 and I know juggling Natey and an infant is going to be tough for me at first. I wanted Nate to get as much fun time in as possible before the big change happens.

We were going to do a weekend trip somewhere, but opted for 2 day trips in and around our area. Saturday we got up bright and early (as always) and loaded everyone in the car for a trip to neighboring CT to visit The Dinosaur Place. I thought it was called Dinosaur Land and after I told Nate that's was it's name, there was no going back! So off to Dinosaur Land-in (Nate's version) we went. This park was so neat! They have 25 life size dinosaurs along a one mile walking trail. There is a volcano that "erupts" every hour and a huge playground and splashpad too!
Natey was really excited about this one's eye for some reason. Maybe because a lot of the other dinos were so huge, he was just geeking on the fact he could look this one in the eye!
After we finished doing the walking trail, we ate lunch at the picnic tables and got Natey changed for the splashpad adventure. It was really big and we have never taken him to one before, so I was hoping he would like it.
He was really hesitant at first. I guess he was trying to gauge just why all of this water was squirting from the ground or coming from over head, but he warmed up after a few minutes.
All was well, until he got sprayed in the face a couple of times. He ran back to me for some reinforcement, but then was back in the game! I kept telling him it was not a giant drinking fountain and eventually he listened. He had so much fun running around and playing with all of the different water features. We will definitely have to go to another one in our area soon.
Since we were in CT already, and because I had missed the outing when my work group went, we ventured to Buttonwood Farm for some homemade ice cream and a hayride through the sunflower fields. The farm plants 12 acres of sunflowers and then does a big charity event, called "Sunflowers for Wishes", where all of the proceeds go to the local Make A Wish Foundation. The ice cream was so good. We even tried the sunflower ice cream. It sounds weird, but was just the right mix of salty and sweet...a pregnant girl's dream!
The hay ride took us through the farm. We got to see pigs, chickens, feed the cows some hay and the ride ended with a trek through the sunflower field. It was so pretty to see a huge mass of them all together. They are so tall. I didn't even realize just how high they were!
Of course my camera battery died as we were entering the field. I managed to get 2 measly pictures of the sunflowers, but oh well! It was such a fun day and after all of that excitement, we headed home.
Sunday turned into beach day. It was slightly overcast and not super hot, which to me is prefect beach weather. I don't need to sit and bake in the heat of the sun all day. It was still warm out and the ocean was actually warm too. This was my first time at the beach all summer so we lived it up. We went with our friends and their 3 kids. The guys dug a huge hole and I walked back and forth from the ocean with buckets of water to try to fill it. The kids played in it very happily for most of the time we were there. (There was more water at one point!)
We decided to take the kids over to the rocky area and look for crabs and starfish.Natey found a few snails and we caught 3 crabs. We only had one casualty as a crab lost a leg, but we freed them before the little ones could inflict too much damage!!
We ended the weekend with a trip to our local outlet mall (and dinner at Red Robin) to take advantage of my 30% off coupon from Gap. Natey now has his entire 3T summer wardrobe. Let's hope he doesn't have some crazy growth spurt beetween now and then!!It was an exhausting weekend, but we all had so much fun. What did you do this weekend??


  1. That dinosuar looks awesome!! How fun!

    The fields of sunflowers are beautiful!

    But I had to laugh that in your beach pictures that it looks like y'all just went to a little mud hole and that's where you played. =0)

    Happy Monday Kameron!


  2. We were supposed to do both those activities with the Moms group, but both were spoiled by rain. Will definitely have to check them out at some point!!

    Do you know of any other splash pads in our area - there is the one at Capron Zoo, but I don't know where else...

    Oh....and what beach did you go to?....just curious....I love beaches!!

  3. Kameron,
    Your Pictures are great! Nate is so cute! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Love the sand pond! Enjoy that boy of yours. They grow up so fast. And as soon as your new baby comes, he will look like he all of a sudden grew a foot.
    Hope you have another great week,

  4. That looks like such a great weekend! I wish that Dino place was by me!!! You look so cute in your swimsuit too...the little bit I saw anyways!

    I'm glad you took advantage of the 30% coupon. I went to the mall and forgot they closed the GAP there about 6 months ago...DUH!!!

  5. You are definitely making the most of summer now!

  6. My great nephew would love the dinosaurs...I'll have to tell my niece to take him. The beach must have been fab on Sunday. We wnated to do the lake thing but the rain kept us away. Happy Monday!!!

  7. Wow what a jam-packed fun weekend! I love all the pictures - especially the one of Nate with the dinosaur - so cute!

  8. Where's the local Red Robin? I'd love to have some place to eat besides Chello's (not that I dislike Chello's).

  9. Wow - you were busy but it all sounded so fun!!

    And what is it with always wanting to drink the water?? Drew is the same way with all of his sprinkler toys!!

    Homemade ice cream sounds fantastic! Love Natey's little hat :o)

  10. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Stunt Man would totally love that Dino place. From the pictures it looks like Natey did too.
    That ice cream does sound good.
    Beautiful picture of you and Natey in the end. you are glowing.

  11. I need to come hang out with y'all on the weekends. I want to go to Dino land. It looks fun! Glad y'all had a great weekend!

  12. What a fun filled week-end! You must be exhausted! Have a great week Kameron!

  13. love, love, love the photos!!!!! looks like you guys had a TON of fun!!!!!!

  14. What an awesome weekend! That looked like so much fun - both days!

    Loved the pic of you and Natey - a bit of attitude, eh? Wonder where he gets that??? :)

    You are so pretty pregnant- just look at that last shot!

  15. What an amazing weekend! The pics are adorable! The dinosaur place looks awesome, and the sunflower fields were gorgeous! And you can't beat a day at the beach! Glad you had a great time!

  16. Now that is ONE fun weekend! I'm worn out just by reading all the running around you guys did. I LOVE the dino park and how Natey's face was lit up in each picture. Your such a awesome mom Kam!

  17. guys had an awesome weekend! That Dinosaur Land looks awesome...wish we had one of those. I keep hearing about those splashpads and keep wondering why we don't have like 1,000 of there here in Hot-Lanta!

  18. What a great time! That dinosaur place looks awesome.

  19. Oh my goodness, my son would LOVE the dinosaur place!!!
    He is actually going on a trip to CT with his grandma this friday!! I wonder if montville is nearby where they are going....Hmmm, I will definitely have to check it out!

    by the way, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Congrats on your pregnancy! When are you due? And did you decide about having another baby shower or not? A friend of mine wants to throw me one as well. I was a little torn, but everyone keeps telling me that since it's been almost 6 yrs since I've been pregnant and that I'm having a girl this time, that another baby shower should be had!
    So, I personally think you should have another one :)


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