Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

In honor of last week's Chowder Cook off, I thought I'd post a picture from Liz and my first Chowder cook off, 4 years ago! You're welcome Liz. :o)
The theme was the 80's, if you are trying to figure out the significance of the giant Care Bear!


  1. look at you guys looking all 18 and stuff! :) Great picture.

  2. You two are so cute. You haven't changed a bit. You both look great then and now!

  3. I loved Care Bears when I was younger! I even bought Drew Sunshine Bear a while back -- Jon thought I was crazy!

  4. Wow - those were the days I could carry a small bag and wear long necklaces. (I think I was a little freaked out by the carebear though...I know I didn't get too close to it!!)

  5. Where is your 80’s gear?!?! Ha… about your below post. I think if people want to throw you a shower… let them… why not, ya know?!

  6. I love me a good carebear! I may have had that one!

  7. Oh my a snuggly bear! Cute pic Kameron!

  8. I started mine because it was an outlet for me. My blog is a place where I could talk about my ups, my down, my trials and my joys. It was just ironic that I started it before my family’s “BIG TRIAL” it just turned into me…leaning about me. Ya know?

    I guess I’m still feeling things out. For now… I’m going to go with the punches! Thanks for your comment!!

  9. awwww...cheer bear!!

    i used to love cheer bear. i don't know why, i wasn't a particularly cheery child. not really a cheery grown up either.

    if i were a carebear, i would be....

    "so what" bear. or, "who cares" bear...YEAH!!

    who-cares bear, the bear that is peacefully indifferent. doesn't get into all the rainbows and joy and shit like cheer bear, but not really a grumpy bear either.

    dude...i'm a social moron right now!!! waaaaaaaay too much time in a classroom and in my textbooks...



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