Monday, September 21, 2009

A word of advice

I have been having some super fun conversations, and by conversations I mean unsolicited comments or questions with me just smiling in return, lately. Between my own experiences and those of my pregnant friends I have composed a list of the top 10 things NOT to say to a pregnant woman (In no particular order because all are equally annoying).

  1. You have really ballooned in the last few weeks.

  2. Are you having twins? No? Are you sure?

  3. You not going to eat, drink, touch, or look at (fill in the blank), are you?

  4. How far along are you? Oh, you look MUCH bigger than that.

  5. How does the other person feel about that? (A very strange convo Amber had with a teenager about her baby name choice)

  6. Are you going to breastfeed? (Asked by a complete stranger)

  7. Was it planned?

  8. Shouldn't you see a "real doctor"? (Referring to my choice to go with a midwife)

  9. What's wrong with your face? (It's called breaking goes away...)

  10. You just keep getting bigger and bigger. (Really? Is that how this works??)

Oh yeah.

One last thing.

If you don't ask first.....

A word of advice,

"You look wonderful"

will suffice.


  1. ok...I have seen you in person (many times...and quite recently) and for all of you that maybe haven't seen Kameron in person - please know that the person (people) who have made the twins and you look further along than that they are just jealous. In person (to reasonable eyes anyway)you look hardly 6 months along and wonderful!! Even my husband says you don't look almost 8 months (and my husband says exactly what he thinks and hardly ever notices things like this...)

    ok...that said...stupid people need to shut up :)

  2. I totally agree! Beautiful blog!

  3. You are gorgeous! I love that picture too. I have thought that you were very small all along. YOu look great. I agree, people need to think before they speak. I hated it when total strangers would rub my belly. Hello? you don't know me.

  4. I think you look unbelievable. And those pictures just proved it.

    My "favorite" was when my coworker asked how many more weeks I had (and I replied 12) and she said, YOU AIN'T GONNA MAKE IT - while laughing riotously. Man, I wanted to go postal...

    And I hope Baby Girl turns around soon! :)

  5. Well said.


    You look mahvelous, dahling!

  6. Loving that picture... hands off warning and all. You look beautiful and I can't get over how great you look in brown!!!! Ahhh, love it!

    My favorite pregnancy comment was, "You look really tired" or "Are you tired?" or anything about me being tired... especially when I WASN'T tired at all! I wanted to smack them and say, "No, I'm NOT wearing mascara, just like before I was pregnant. And you never said I looked tired then!!" What gives people the right to comment? I don't get it.

    Dang, I want to rub that belly of yours before you pop!!! 'Course I'd ask permission first. Maybe. : )

  7. Oh yeah, and I loved all the strangers who asked me why I wasn't breastfeeding (including doctors!!) and I obviously had a child with some different needs. So rude.

    Sorry, I'm done commenting now.

  8. Great advice!
    And you truly look wonderful!

  9. I might be biased here but you do look GORGEOUS in this picture. ;)

    Did I touch the belly? I can't remember.

    I completely agree with Heather's comment, as soon as I was pregnant I everyone and their dog mentioned how tired I looked. ALL THE TIME.

    Want me to make you a no touchy sign out of felt? You can pin it onto your belly whenever you leave the house. Will that help? :)

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

  10. seriously...i've never been pregnant and i'm far far away from that awesome time, but come on people! have some sense!!!! SHE'S GORGEOUS!!!! and NO TOUCHEE!!!!!

  11. people giving you crap when you tell them you're naming the baby donnatella? screw 'em!

    beautiful pic!!

    you look wonderful...;)

    seriously, i'm not just saying that because you just told me to...YOU REALLY LOOK WONDERFUL!!

  12. Amen! I've been told several of those too! David and I went to breakfast at that Chick-fil-a yesterday morning and she saw me but didn't come and talk to me. I guess my "other person" scared her. And yes, you look beautiful!!!

  13. Agree. Agree. And did I said I agreed with every point you made! YES! Then how about after you have the precious little booger and your at a store.. the people that just think they can come up to your baby and touch! WHAT! THIS really freaked me out and sent me over the edge. I would have to drape a thin receiving blanket over the top with a slight corner pulled back so I could see him/her. Do you know people would STILL try to pull the blanket back?? What and tha? Do you want to get assaulted right here in the middle of this store? Crazy huh? Whew, don't even get me started on this topic, lol.

    I LOVE this picture of you.. it's not only beautiful but a priceless picture that you will cherish forever.

  14. Andrew went over to Ambers yesterday and I gave him a very stern warning not to say ANYTHING about her baby belly!

  15. Andrew went over to Ambers yesterday and I gave him a very stern warning not to say ANYTHING about her baby belly!

  16. Totally with ya on all of those. By the 4th time I perfected the "Don't freakin touch me" look and people did not spontaneously lay hands on my belly. Once when I was pregnant a man with a big fat belly said "My word you're HUGE!" I said "So are you but I'm having a baby, what's you're excuse?" Rob can't take me anywhere, swear it. WHen pg with Sienna and 1 week overdue, the lady at the friggen makeup counter at Herbergers said "Are you dialted yet?!" I responded, as my mom dragged me out of the store "I dunno, you want me to climb up on the counter so you can check?" People are morons.

  17. Hear. HEar. I can't believe how many inappropriate comments people make. My MIL used to tell me constantly how HUGE I was getting. Everyone needs to get the memo about saying something nice, or nothing at all. :)

  18. HA! Too true. I actually wrote a post on that same topic when I was still preggers... and now? Now my new favorite is "when are you having another one?"


  19. Love the list. You do look wonderful! And I only ask that you rub the belly for me :)

    Oh, and my fav when I was pg? I coworker and I were standing at the printer, both waiting for jobs to come out, and he said "Wow, you are huge!" I looked at him very sternly and said "That is not something you ever say to a woman, pregnant or not!".


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