Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Sprinkle for baby

On Sunday I started out having a very bad day, but luckily I had something wonderful to look forward to when my mood was at it's darkest. My dear friend Joelle threw me a "Sprinkle" for baby girl. What is a sprinkle you ask? Well, read the invite (if you have super good vision) or else I can just tell you! Since I have all of the big stuff still from Natey, we didn't need to have a traditional shower where people give you tons of stuff. Every baby deserves to have their own party though, so she threw me a sprinkle instead where guests were encouraged to give things we might not have for baby girl such as diapers, wipes, and super-cute-ruffly-pink-polka dotted-frilly {ahem, sorry got excited for a minute} clothes.

It was such a sweet idea and Joelle and her mom pulled off the best celebration of baby girl this mommy could have asked for. There was tons of yummy food, a delicious cake (What? You count that as food? Nope, cake is it's own food group to me!), games that did not involve measuring my roundness, opening presents and spending time with my friends and family. When I first looked at the cake, we all had a laugh at how disproportionately long the arms seemed. It wasn't until we checked out the invitation again that we noticed the baker had just copied what he saw and the girl on the invite was Elastigirl too!
Joelle also decided we needed a friendly wager to liven things up. She made up a chart and people paid to make guesses as to when baby girl will arrive. The winner gets 1/3 of the money and the other 2/3 is going to be donated to the M.S. Society on behalf of my mom. I thought this idea was so sweet and I love that Joelle thought of my mom, as baby girl's due date is the day she passed away.

The sprinkle was at Joelle's mom's house and I couldn't resist taking a pic in the mirror of her gorgeous bathroom. The hubbs is going to wish I hadn't been inspired by this bathroom! Baby girl's room is definitely getting wainscoting now! So here I am at 33 weeks, 4 days, in all of my round glory!
I'm trucking along at 34 weeks now and tempted to start counting down the days. I have never been the most patient person, so this waiting game is going to start to get to me soon! I'm feeling pretty good at this point and am 4 pounds lighter than I was at this point with Natey, so I am happy about that! I'll keep you posted as these last 6 weeks (hopefully) zip on by!


  1. I LOVE the "sprinkle" idea and the decorations were just perfect. I even teared up after reading the part about the donation in honor of your mother. What a thoughtful group of friends you have Kam. You look radient and the next few weeks will go by fast. Enjoy them sweetheart. I miss the kicks and all the wonderful things about being pregnant. Wishing you the absolute best. Muah!

  2. You look so pretty -- I love the purple dress :o)

    Glad your day turned around and that you got lots of fun stuff for that baby girl!!

  3. OMGosh, you are just gorgeous. Love that dress. Cute cake and invite. What a sweet sweet party for your little one. Great pictures for her scrapbook or baby book & great memories for you.

  4. This is such a great idea and so much fun. I think it's also nice for the mommy especially if its the second or third. You are right, each baby should be celebrated! :)

  5. i love, love, love the "sprinkle" idea!

  6. Sounds like a perfect sprinkle for Baby Girl!

    You look WOW pregnant! I so wish I looked that good (and put-together and pretty and all that) when I was at that point. Seriously - you are now at where I delivered Itty Bit early. So that's all I got and I MISS IT!

    I love the idea of the donation to the MS Society! My good friend and I do the MS Walk - well, as much of it as she can do.

    Hey - why don't you let your bloggy friends in on it? And they can give $2 via Paypal per guess? :)

  7. Loved seeing all the great pics from your Sprinkle! (Wish I could have read the invitation, as it looks darling). And Joelle is one good friend you have :) Can't believe baby girl will be here so soon.

  8. Oh, Kam. *sigh* We can't be friends anymore, I'm very sorry. You're just glowing and gorgeous so now I have to hate you. I know, it sucks because we had something so special but I am a jealous sort of person and you look way too good to be in the last trimester of pregnancy.

  9. You look amazing! Not much longer now. ;) It looks like your "sprinkle" was a fun party! I think we need to see some pics of the cute stuff your baby girl got!

  10. Va-va-voom!! That's one hot mama!

    Love that your day ended up so wonderfully despite starting so poorly.

    Wainscoting, lovely! Do it. Can't wait to see it!

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

  11. You look awesome Kamereon! What a neat idea to have a party for baby girl! Would love to see those sweet little outfits...

  12. You look amazing! I love your preggo belly!!! You look fantastic!!!

    The sprinkle is such a great idea! what a lovely friend you have..and now some really great little girl things!!! ;)

  13. Wow, Joelle rocks!!! I loved the invite (and DO plan on sending something for baby girl!!), but the Elastigirl cake cracked me up!! Did she do the Thank you's too? Those looked so cute. And what a sweet idea on donating to MS for your mom.

    And you look gorgeous!!!! Congrats on being lighter this time around - you've worked hard for that! And I can't wait for the wainscoting. : )

  14. I jumped over here from Profoundly Seth.

    Love, love the idea of the "sprinkle" and you look so good! I started counting days at 8 weeks left with both my girls, I'll probably do the same with this one. (I'm currently 27 1/2wks, due Jan 4)

    I always felt that being able to change the number daily helped shorten the wait for me. Even tho the number was higher, it seemed to go down a lot faster when I was quoting a different number every day.

    Good Luck and Congrats!

  15. i LOVE the sprinkle idea and i am so glad that is what you went with! so fun! love the elastagirl haha she is adorable even if she does have arm that could touch her toys without bending over!

  16. I completely agree that every baby deserves a party! What a nice day, and you look great. I hope you're feeling as good!

  17. Girl, you look amazing!!!

    And what an adorable shower!!! I am looooving the cake, like, a lot.

    go on girl, and have that baby!

  18. What a lovely idea. And you are GORGEOUS preggers! You're making me miss it...almost. Ah ha

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