Friday, October 16, 2009

What Not To Wear??

What's a 37 week pregnant girl to do for Halloween?? Do I go with the old cliche and dress up as a nun? Do I spray paint a box and cut out the front and go as a "bun in the oven"? There's not a whole lot of available options considering I'm not of the mindset of "Sexy {fill in the blank}" like the unmarried, minus children, sect! I mean seriously?? I am not going out in that!
I'm taking my 2 year old trick or treating (Or Trick or Trina (our cat) like Natey likes to say) and I could just bone out and not dress up, but where's the fun in that? I have thought of some semi- cop out costumes. I could just applique some orange felt onto a black shirt where my belly is and make a jack-o-lantern face or dress up like a cat and cut the belly out of my shirt and paint it like a fish bowl. I need some help here. I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a costume. I'm thinking 20 bucks here people. So give me your suggestions. I am not easily offended so don't hold back {Ahem, Nikki}.


  1. When I am at a loss for a costume, I dress in all black, and stick on those glow in the dark stars and call myself the night sky. It's always a hit. Doesn't exactly show off a pregnancy, but if you're going for slimming, you can't beat it!

  2. That bun in the oven costume is cracking me up! I never knew they made costumes for pregnant ladies but I guess it makes sense! I'm not crafty, so I have no suggestions, but being the uber crafty person you are, I'm sure whatever you come up with will be cute!

  3. Oh those costumes are so cute. I think the oven is hilarious because Nate always asks you if the baby is still cookin.
    I took one guess, but it came up twice but it is the same guess of November 12 in the pm because that is when Model was born. I donated too.

  4. You could always just get a box and cut out arm holes, spray paint it white with black circles and go as a dice (or die).

    That one is cheap and it covers your tummy. Then you can just wear black sweatpants and a sweatshirt...SWEET!!! ;)

    Im gonna go vote on when baby gets here!!!

  5. i like the cat and painting a fish on your belly!! that's cute!!

    you could go all white trash...

    dooce did a white-trashy pic right before she had her baby.

    she did heavy makeup, tank top, belly showing, box of hostess "donettes" under her arm...and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. hair all a mess!!

    it was cute!!

    you could carry around a baby doll, on your hip, have natey, and be offense to moms who have kids really close together. i did, too. i'm just sayin'!!!

  6. How about a white fitted shirt decorated to look like Herbie the Love Bug, standing on his rear bumper? You could put the wheels on the side.

    Or, just wear regular clothes and as you come to each house, pour out just a little water at your feet and scare the people you visit by telling them your water broke?

    Or, wrap your tummy in aluminum foil, attach a U-shaped wire hanger to the top and call yourself "Jiffy Pop" popcorn. You could even carry around a small (light) bag of popped popcorn as a prop.

    Or, slip on white or black clothes. Then, cut a head and arm holes in a clear heavy weight plastic bag, like for trash. Tie it off at the hip. Fill the bag with multi-color balloons, each one not being very big, and call yourself jellybeans.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  7. i love the bun in the oven... that is cracking me up!

    personally, i would probably end up going with the jack-o-lantern on my belly thing but thats because i am lazy and don't usually do a lot of dressing up. haha sorry not much help!

    can't wait to see what you decide!

  8. I love everyone's ideas! I'm not the most creative, and can rarely come up with ideas for myself, and the one time I thought I was creative, everyone thought my costume was dumb. So, in summary, I have nothing for you.

  9. Did you make a dress for Amber's baby? The shirt turned dress ones?

    If you did, how much would a 2T be? I want one for Josie and have hit a sewing slump.

  10. Just put on a chefs hat and carry an iron. Then you'll be an iron chef. Witty, no?

    An MnM? Peanut, of course.

    Go as a skeleton with the skeleton of the baby showing through your tummy. Dunno how you'd do that.

  11. When I was preggo with Luca I painted my belly like a bowling ball and wore a bikini top and a brown skirt with bowling pins. My belly button never popped out so I painted it pink and put two more circles on either side for the finger holes. I even drew on a little brunswick logo. Good stuff. I'll try to find a pic to send you.
    People were amazed that it was my actual belly. I like your fishbowl idea too!

  12. Okay, they took all my ideas. Now? I just want LOTS of pics!

  13. What? No sexy nurse for you? I am so terribly disappointed. :)

    I faced a similar dilemma during my pregnancies with both my kids. If I was just going with one recommendation, I would lean towards the fish bowl. Very fun AND very cheap.

    Good luck!


  14. You should totally go as the Octomom and pin 8 babies to your shirt and outline your lips really big.. LOL Hilarious!

  15. When I was pregnant I went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and put a sign on my back that said, "It was the Tin Man". That got some good laughs...

  16. That devil one is hysterical! OMG!!!

  17. Oh my god, I just read Becca's comment... LOVE the Tin Man idea! haha

    I always wanted some fun event to be big and round at, but here I am again, barely out of my 1st trimester, for Halloween. No funny costumes for me. And I never have any weddings to go to - darn spring Stoker babies! Can you tell I LOVE showing off BIG belly bumps? Yep. I'm an attention whore when I'm pregnant. It's true. : )

    Can't wait to see if you wear something clever!


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