Friday, October 9, 2009

When Will I POP??

We always have a friendly wager regarding the date and time babies will be born in this family. Call it their competitive nature. Last time, Aaron's little cousin guessed the right day and was only off by 2 hours on the time! My friend Joelle took this friendly wager one step further and touched my heart at the same time. You see, my due date has a very special significance to me and my family. Both my grandpa and my mom passed away on November 18th just one year apart. Weird, I know. When I was told that was the day I was due, I knew I was having a girl. It was just a strange feeling I got, and I sort of felt like it was my mom's gift to me to make that day less painful. My mother suffered for 15 years with Multiple Sclerosis and her body finally couldn't handle all of the medications any more. I was only 23 years old at the time. My mom didn't get to see me get married and never got to hold my babies. I miss her every day and was just pleased as punch to see Joelle wanted to honor her memory by creating a baby pool for baby girl!

She created a chart with the days surrounding my due date and divided them into am and pm. Each person at my sprinkle that wanted to guess, put $2 in the kitty and wrote their name in a time slot. The money collected will be split 1/3 to the winner and 2/3 will be donated to the MS Society in honor of my mother. After I posted about my Sprinkle the other day and talked about the baby pool, Rachel had the idea that I should open it up to all of you! I thought that would be an awesome idea!! What a fun way to have a little raffle of sorts and raise money for a great cause all at the same time!
So here's the gist...
  1. You click on the link to go to my Guessing Page (game name is WhenWillKamPop) and make your guess on the date and whether baby girl will be born in the am or pm. Make sure you don't pick the same time slot as someone else has already. (Read the instruction on the guessing site before you pick!)

  2. You come back to my blog and click on the donate Paypal button (In this post or in the sidebar). It is $2 per guess and you can guess as many slots as you'd like.

  3. The contest will be open until I have the baby and then the time and day will be posted and the person who guessed correctly will win and so will the MS society!!

If we raise $50 dollars or more, I can get a matching gift through my work, so start guessing!!!


  1. Kameron...I am happy to take a guess...what a neat idea. I'm so sorry for your loss. I COMPLETELY understand. I lost my dad at age 21 and my mom at age 28. She did hold my first baby, but passed when he was 6 months old. It's such a tough thing. And the "guess" I entered was my first baby's stats...Nov. 19th at 10:02 p.m....7 pounds, 5 ounces, and 20 inches long. :) Happy day to you!

  2. Your mama would be so ridiculously proud of the woman you have become Kam. I definitely think she put in a special request with the man up above to send you a baby girl gift. What a treasure you must be to her!

    I'm off to make my guess and thinking of you, your sweet baby girl and your mommy.

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

  3. I love helping out a good cause while also having some fun so my guess is in! While I really hope she arrives on your actual due date, I guessed a week early...because don't they say you usually go early after the first one??

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Ok, I obviously cannot follow rules for the life of me!! First, i changed the time from 12 to 6 (and you can't go and edit/delete). Then I guessed the same time/day as someone else. Ugh! I shouldn't win anything -- I'm an idiot!!

    How much did Natey weigh? And was he early or late? I can't remember now.

  5. That story gave me chills. I too think you're mom gave you a very special gift and I really hope your baby is born on Nov. 18th.

  6. Oh, and thanks for stopping by my Letters of Intent post today!

  7. What a great idea! I am going to have to come up with a date now. THinking..thinking..

  8. that is such a great idea and i just love that you are doing this for your mom! can't wait to see baby girl!!

  9. UGH! I couldn't change it from AM to PM for my first guess... can you please consider it to be PM? Cuz Brooke already guessed that spot. I'm a dummy...

    Can't wait to meet baby girl! :)

  10. I love that you chose to do this.. what a great idea. I'm Alicia Williams under paypal incase you didn't know. Hope you have a great weekend sweetie... :)

  11. That's such a great idea Kameron and a great way to honor your mom. I'm sure she's smiling down on you right now. Hope you raise bunches of money.

  12. You always come up with the absolute best ideas, Kameron. Especially love this one!


    PS: Is it OK to admit that when I first glanced at this post title, I thought I read, when will I poop? HAHA!

  13. That is such a great idea!!! I will have to do this when I don't have sick kids laying all over me....but rest assured, I will be logging on!!! ;)

    yes, it was confirmed. They took blood. So far today tho he only has a mild temp and has not had meds since yesterday evening!


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