Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big Boy Room Reveal

As promised, yes I know it was AGES ago, here are some pictures of Natey's Big Boy room!

There was no comforter on the bed since my cat decided to make it hers for about a week, and it was literally COVERED in her hair, so I had to wash it. This is what the comforter looks like (I didn't get the sheets or that hideous bed skirt).The room has changed slightly even since I took these pics a few days ago. We put an area rug in and, for now, his big boy bed has been relocated to the living room and his crib has been moved in. He took one nap in the bed and that night I tried to put him down in it for the night. Twenty minutes later Aaron found him standing in the kitchen. When he asked him if he wanted to go back in his bed, he said he wanted to sleep in his "cribby". I figure we don't really need the crib for a little while still, so we moved it into his room so we could paint the nursery. I think he just has to get used to sleeping in his new room before he decided if he likes the bed.

There is still nothing up on the walls except the dinosaur decals, but I am having a hard time deciding what to put up. I ordered some prints from our family photo shoot in Montreal and will be putting some up in his room. I especially love the one of him all superimposed. I think he will get a kick out of having that one up in there! One of my favorite things about the room is the gourd lights with the pieces of glass and shells dangling from them. We actually bought them in Mexico when I was pregnant with Nate and we never put them up in his room. They hang in the corner over his puzzle table and they look really neat all lit up.

So there ya have it. Sorry it took so long, but I hate posting unfinished rooms. I guess if I waited to get wall art up before I did the reveal, we'd probably be showcasing his teenage room or something.

Baby girl's room is painted but only has a dresser in it, so I will hold off on that one until I can set up the crib and get the other stuff moved back in! You know I just like to keep you in suspense anyway!!


  1. Super cute! I love that comforter, so bright and fun!

    I'm surprised by the lack of superhero's and transformers though. You can't possibly be trying to steer him away from those things, could you?? ;)

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

  2. I love his room and the color scheme you chose. Great job. My Actress used to call her bed "Cribby" Oh that brings back sweet memories.

  3. Love the wall color!!! And I'm so jealous of those hard wood floors and white trim. Color just pops when you have that! The comforter and the curtains and the little canvas totes are so cute together. And what a lucky boy to have a train table! We would never have room for one of those upstairs.

    Can't wait for baby girl's room!!

  4. It looks fabulous!!!

    I agree, once he gets used to sleeping in his new room then he'll be ready to move to his big boy bed. He's got lots of changes happening so it may take him a bit longer to process and adjust to them all than he would normally.

  5. It looks great and I love the colors and the fact that it's not a "theme" room. I really like the book case too. I'm hoping to get something for all of Drew's books for Christmas.


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